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The Short Turkish Woman Who Threatens Erdogan and Islam

The Short Turkish Woman Who Threatens Erdogan and Islam
By Daniel Greenfield

Erdogan, Turkey’s tyrant, is not our friend.

Like all Islamists, he’s an enemy of the United States and of all free people. Under Erdogan, Turkey is going the way of Pakistan. It’s becoming an angry Islamist fortress, exporting terrorism abroad, whining about its victimhood, while silencing free speech.

Especially speech that offends Islamists.

One such blasphemy case, that of Canan Kaftancioglu, is the topic of a recent Front Page Magazine article.

Her father was assassinated by Islamists.

Islamists are furious because they lost Istanbul, and Canan has now become their scapegoat – given her courageous and colorful rhetoric. Canan once quipped on Twitter: “men with small d**ks want to build big mosques.” She posted pictures of herself eating pork (forbidden in Islam) and acknowledged the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide. She once wrote, “stop praying, Muslims: there is no room left in paradise.”

Having your father assassinated might not dispose you kindly toward Islamists. And Islamists aren’t kindly disposed toward people.

Thus, Canan is facing a ten year blasphemy sentence.

Her case, like those of previous targets of blasphemy law, are important because they remind us of two things.

1. Islam is fundamentally intolerant. There can be no freedom under Islamic law.

2. The Islamization of Turkey is an assault on human rights. And the Erdogan regime, despite being backed by Obama and the EU, is a murderous abomination that we should not support in any way. There should be no room for Erdogan in the White House.

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