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‘Queer, Non-Binary,’ Sharia-Adherent Oklahoma State Representative Hid Trans Activist Who Assaulted Cop

‘Queer, Non-Binary,’ Sharia-Adherent State Rep Hid Trans Activist Who Assaulted Cop
Just another day in America’s heartland.
By Robert Spencer

How much craziness can be packed into one news item? It would be tough to top this one: a “queer, non-binary” Sharia-adherent Muslim who serves as an Oklahoma state representative has been censured after she attempted to harbor a fugitive who was on the run after assaulting a police officer.

Mauree Turner is currently the representative in the state House from Oklahoma’s 88th district. She calls herself a “Queer, Non-binary, Okie Muslim” and demands that she be referred to as “they,” but as there appears to be only one of her, I won’t be doing that. Her website states proudly that she is “the first Muslim elected in Oklahoma, and the first non-binary person elected to a state level position in US history.” In all of her photos, she wears a hijab, the head covering that is a sign of her adherence to Sharia, Islamic law. There is absolutely no doubt that Mauree Turner is the first self-proclaimed “queer,” “non-binary” Sharia-adherent Muslim woman to hold any elected office anywhere in the world.

All that should have been distinction enough for a lifetime, but Rep. Turner is as energetic as she is inventive. She is also, as you likely already suspected, very far to the Left, so far that she apparently holds the police officers who enforce the laws she helps formulate in the state House in utter contempt. The Political Insider reported Thursday that Turner “has been accused of blocking police from making an arrest of a transgender rights activist accused of assault.”

It happened late in February, “as lawmakers were voting on legislation to protect children from ‘gender transition procedures’ or similar physical abuse.” One of Turner’s colleagues, state Rep. Bob Culver, “was hit with a ‘liquid substance’ later simply identified as water as he passed through a group of protesters.” As the person who threw the water was being arrested, another activist, Austin Ross, declared that the perpetrator was “not going to be placed under arrest,” and grabbed a cop’s hands to try to prevent the arrest. Ross then fled to Turner’s office.

When cops showed up to arrest Ross there, the door was locked. Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Foster recounted: “When we go up to the representative’s office, we were not allowed in, even from opening the door.” On Tuesday, Turner was censured for this by a resounding 81-19 vote. The Oklahoma House issued a statement on that same day, noting that Turner “harbored a fugitive wanted for questioning in conjunction with the alleged assault inside of their House office and rejected multiple requests by law enforcement to question the individual.” Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall added that “the inappropriate, and potentially criminal, actions exhibited by this member of the House were deserving of censure, and the actions taken by the House today were both measured and just.”

As a result of the censure, Turner will lose her committee assignments unless she formally apologizes. She is, however, defiant, saying: “I think an apology for loving the people of Oklahoma is something that I cannot do. It’s something that I actively refuse to do.” So now helping someone who tried to prevent an arrest is “loving the people of Oklahoma.” This is the same sort of twisting of reality that is a constant throughout Turner’s life, from her gender confusion to her affectation of claiming to be “Black, Muslim, femme, queer” and sporting a hijab. The hijab is mandated for women in Islamic law, based on the Qur’an (24:31, 33:59). It is thus a visible symbol of one’s adherence to the tenets and teachings of Islam, which condemns homosexuality for both males and females, and mandates that female homosexuals be confined in their houses until they die (Qur’an 4:15), given one hundred lashes (Qur’an 24:2), or stoned to death (cf. Mishkat al-Masabih 3558).

Mauree Turner is thus living a lie in all kinds of ways. She is pretending to be “non-binary,” instead of acknowledging that she is a woman. She is pretending to be Sharia-observant, despite flouting the severe penalties it prescribes for the behaviors she proudly flaunts as her “queer” identity. She pretends to be a governing official, sworn to uphold the laws of the state, while helping a lawbreaker evade punishment for breaking the laws of the state. Mauree Turner is, in sum, the contemporary Left personified, the veritable poster child for all its hypocrisy and fantasies. Despite this censure, watch for her star to continue to rise among Leftists. Ocasio-Cortez-Turner 2024!

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