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Planned Parenthood’s Fight for Child Marriage

Planned Parenthood’s Fight for Child Marriage
“That pretty much made it clear I was not going to be able to do this”
By Daniel Greenfield

Yesterday I wrote about a Washington Post article that talked extensively about the persecution of gays in Lebanon, Iran, and other Muslim countries without ever mentioning the ‘M” or “I” word.

Today there’s another “elephant in the room” article. This one about child marriage which is legal in California and staying that way because of the heavyweight power of Planned Parenthood and other leftist groups.

The LA Times can’t talk about the elephant in the room or even suggest that there might be anything wrong here with its side. So it focuses the bulk of its attention on the cliched story of a woman from an evangelical family who was pressured into marrying an older man when she was 16. What does any of this have to do with why child marriage is legal in California? Absolutely nothing because guess who’s keeping it legal?

While child marriage is recognized as a human rights violation by the United Nations, there is no minimum age requirement to become married in California…

The policy comes as a surprise in liberal California, home to some of the strongest sexual violence protections in the nation. What’s more surprising is that opposition to a prohibition on marriage under 18 has not been driven by Republicans as in other states but by progressive groups including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood — both of which have sway in the majority-Democrat Legislature.

Among their concerns is that a total ban on marriage of minors could be a slippery slope and impede constitutional rights or reproductive choices, including access to abortion.

“That pretty much made it clear I was not going to be able to do this,” former Democratic state Sen. Jerry Hill, who attempted to ban underage marriage in 2017, said of the unexpected opposition from the influential groups.

Child killers need customers and child brides may just help provide them.

The LA Times keeps claiming there’s something surprising about leftist opposition to child marriage because it sets up the false construct that child marriage is some sort of conservative thing. It’s obviously not because the opposition is coming from leftist groups and (buried at the very end) an immigrant group affiliated with the Bahai movement which is a spinoff of Islam and originates from the Middle East.

Unchained at Last, the group that is at the center of the California effort and the LA Times article, profiles a number of ‘cases’ of child marriage. About half of those are Muslim.

There’s Zubaida, Syeda from Pakistan, Mariam, from a “traditional African household”, Aliya, also from Pakistan, and Saira, whose husband worked in the UAE, and Sara Tasneem, from Guyana, whose father was “a member of a religious group, tangential to Islam”.

Why are the ACLU and Planned Parenthood defending this? Why are Democrats going along with this?

It’s a mystery to the LA Times which keeps talking about Christians and Jews instead of dealing with the elephant in the room.


Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, criticized Republican state Sen. Mike Moon of Missouri in a Tweet in April for supporting marriage as young as 12 years old. Newsom’s office did not return requests for comment about California’s policy on child marriage.

As Rep. Ilhan Omar would say, some people raped some kids.

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