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Migrant in Germany Caught on Tape Raping Pony

Migrant in Germany Caught on Tape Raping Pony
The only religion whose clerics have set out rules governing sex with animals.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Apparently unable to find someone of his own species for a late evening date, a migrant in Germany entered a stable in the town of Birkenmoor at night and raped a pony. A surveillance camera caught the whole episode, though the malefactor has not yet been caught. More on this bizarre episode can be found here: “Germany: Man sexually assaults pony on farm outside Hamburg, police search for suspect based on surveillance video,” by John Cody, Remix News, August 29, 2023:

A suspect is being pursued by police after he was caught on a surveillance camera raping a pony at a stable south of Hamburg. The 18-year-old pony, which is named “Carrie,” was abused by the man at 1 a.m., with footage showing the man calmly walking onto the property and starting to attack the defenseless animal.Steffi B. [the pony’s owner] released the footage to German newspaper Bild, which posted stills of the perpetrator on its web publication.The attack happened in Birkenmoor, which is in Harburg, just a few kilometers from the Hamburg city center.The perpetrator is seen with his pants down preparing to abuse the animal in another shot.“It took 14 disgusting minutes until it came to an end and the stranger finally disappeared,” said the horse’s owner Steffi B.“When we came to the open stable the next morning, we didn’t notice anything at first. The animals were not obviously injured in the act,” she stated. However, she noticed a log was in a different place, which prompted her to review the surveillance footage….The man is tall, slim, dark-skinned, and features a goatee. Seevetal police are reviewing the images from the surveillance camera and are asking for witnesses to come forward.“It is not the first time a horse has been abused in Germany. In 2017, a Syrian migrant raped a pony in broad daylight at Berlin’s Görlitzer Park’s petting zoo….

There are other such instances as well. In 2017 in Pakistan, a boy was arrested for raping a chicken.

The best known Islamic authority on sex with animals is none other than the late Ayatollah Khomeini, a most learned Islamic authority. In his Blue Book, he writes this:

#2631. It is loathsome to eat the meat of horse and mule and donkey and if somebody makes coitus with them, that is an intercourse, they become unlawful and they must be taken out of the city and sold elsewhere.#2632. If they have intercourse with a cow and sheep and camel their urine and dung becomes unclean and drinking their milk will also be unlawful and they must be killed and burned without delay, and the person who had intercourse with them must pay money to the owner. Further, if he had intercourse with any beast its milk becomes unlawful.

I suppose the meat can be sold to people elsewhere because, after all, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Many have disputed the authenticity of these quotes from Khomeini, but they are undeniably genuine. They can be found in his Resaleh Towzih al-Masael, which was translated into English by J. Borujerdi as A Clarification Of Questions and published by Westview Press in 1984. These two statements can be found in that edition on page 349.

In 2022, Yousef Makharzah, a Palestinian Islamic scholar, accused Europeans of every conceivable atrocity, including having “sex with animals and beasts more than with humans.” Yet the only religion whose clerics have solemnly considered sex with animals, and has carefully set out the “rules” that should govern such sex, is Islam. Yousef Makharzah also says:

This filthy civilization that is invading us is the Western civilization. Our leaders and our intellectuals were enticed by this bestial civilization. It is an inferior, asinine, and racist civilization, that causes a man to oppress his brother and kill him with no justification.

The civilization of the advanced West fills so many Muslims with wonder and envy, as it is so obviously superior to that of the Muslims, and this sends the troglodytic Makharzah into a fury. He knows – the Qur’an tells him so – that Muslims are the “best of peoples”(3:110) while the Infidels are “the most vile of created beings.”(98:6) Therefore he insists, though without any evidence, that Western civilization must be “inferior, asinine, and racist.” If it is “inferior,” why have tens of millions of Muslims flooded into the countries of the West, with millions more trying desperately to enter in order to settle deep within that “inferior, asinine, and racist” civilization? And why is that pull felt most keenly among Muslim “leaders and intellectuals,” who presumably have the best opportunity to study and compare the Muslim and the non-Muslim worlds? Could it be because they find that civilization not at all “inferior, asinine, and racist,” but in every respect superior to the Islamic civilization that they with great difficulty are tasked with defending?

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