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Jihad Murderer Tells Jury He’s a ‘Moderate Muslim’

Jihad Murderer Tells Jury He’s a ‘Moderate Muslim’
Islam is Islam.
By Bosch Fawstin

The murderer of British MP Sir David Amess, Ali Harbi Ali, who’s been described as “an academic high-flyer” in a headline of the sleazy rag, the Guardian, told the jury in his trial that he was a “moderate Muslim.” This is just the latest reminder that we never really can know which Muslims are going to go jihad before it’s too late. Some Muslims have no history of violence, and then all of a sudden they commit the most heinous acts imaginable. And after these atrocities, Muslims-turned-jihadists can claim that what they did was not only moral, but religiously righteous. And they can even claim that they’re “moderate.”

It’s Muslim Roulette. Even the most “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims can, out of the blue, commit the most obscene acts of violence, but with no prior warning signs. These Muslims may not act outwardly any different than they have before, but internally, they began to take Islam seriously. And the more serious a Muslim takes Islam, the more potentially dangerous he or she is. Here’s what I mean by Muslim Roulette:

A is A. Islam is Islam. There is no such thing as “Good” Islam or “Bad” Islam. Islam is a totalitarian religion, while Muslims are individual human beings who may or may not practice Islam faithfully. There are active Muslims and passive Muslims, the faithful and the unfaithful, the submitted and the un-submitted in Islam, but there is no obvious way to tell the difference between them, which has its benefits for Muslims who are committed to spreading Islam by any means necessary. Mohammad said “War is deceit” and practiced this, and Muslims have followed their leader in using deception against non-Muslims from the first days of Islam to today. When Islam, the very antithesis of peace, is sold to us by Muslims and their useful idiots as being the very definition of peace, and actually gains traction, that would have made Goebbels blush.

That Islam must be misrepresented by Muslims in order to appear at all appealing to non-Muslims speaks volumes, and its purpose is to make Islam appear harmless until it’s too late. And the Islamic enemy’s major weapon against us is us. From our multiculturalism, which our unicultural enemy exploits, to our crippling political correctness which “protects” us from the truth we need to know and act upon, to our irrational tolerance of the intolerant. The more intolerant they are, the more tolerant we are.

Another weapon that the Islamic enemy uses against us is our desire to believe that “Islam means peace,” no matter what it actually means, no matter what it demands from Muslims, and no matter what Islam’s “perfect model,” Mohammad, leads Islam’s true believers to do.

And then there are those who are moderately Islamic, but who advertise themselves as “Moderate Muslims,” who have hijacked the normatively immoderate Islam, not by admitting and thoroughly repudiating the inherent violence within Islam, but by merely mouthing the words, “Islam means peace,” and again, allowing our desire to believe it to do the rest.

The widespread usage of the term “Moderate Muslim” is a tacit confession of Islam’s immoderate nature. When’s the last time any of you have heard the terms “Moderate Christians,” “Moderate Jews,” “Moderate Hindus,” “Moderate Buddhists”?

And while Muslims are individuals who may or may not be following Islam, most Muslims have shown us that when it comes down to it, the majority of them will side with Islam against the non-Muslim world. They’ve made it clear, in their indifferent silence and inaction in the face of the daily horrors committed by their devout coreligionists, that in the end, they don’t give a damn about anything except Islam and its reputation. I can’t count the number of times that so-called “moderate Muslims,” from teachers to engineers to average, everyday Muslims, have threatened me with the most obscene death threats and rape threats. Many of them won’t act on these threats, but they sure as hell wouldn’t mind, and would even celebrate, if jihadists did act on their threats.

Also, I’ve read one too many accounts of Muslims whose first response to particularly horrific Islamic atrocities was to run to the rescue of Islam, the ideological source of the atrocities. The price we’re paying for denying the truth about what we’re facing is too high. The result of this mass evasion is that the truth about Islam, and any number of truths that we need to expose, is relegated to the underground.

I used to think that it will simply take more death and destruction for the civilized world to accept the truth about Islam before we’re ready to act on our behalf against it, but now I think that those who need even more death and destruction than we already get, with hundreds of people slaughtered weekly in the name of Islam, can’t be reached through reason, or even through being shaken to their core.

Some people, far too many people, can simply live with the mass deaths of others. That’s a damning thing to conclude, but it’s true.

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