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Islamic Terror Is Driving Us Toward a Police State

Islamic Terror Is Driving Us Toward a Police State
By Todd Strandberg

The frequency of Islamic terror attacks has become so common in the world that we regularly see multiple events occur during the span of a week. The lack of activity during the latter part of August and the first part of September had me wondering if Muslims were on some unannounced holiday.


It only took one single day for Arab terrorists to make it clear that any respite is just a fluke. Here is a breakdown of events from last Saturday:

9:35am – A pipe bomb explodes near a charity race organized by the U.S. Marines. Because the race had been delayed, there were no injuries. A second device was found near the site.

8:30pm – A loud explosion is heard in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. The source of the blast came from a device that was placed under a metal dumpster. A total of 29 people suffered non life-threatening injuries.

9:15pm – A knife-wielding assailant dressed in security guard uniform stabs nine people at the Crossroads Center shopping mall in St. Cloud Minnesota. Authorities said the attacker is reported to have mentioned Allah and to have asked at least one of his victims if he or she was Muslim.

11:30pm – A second device built from a pressure cooker and containing wires and a mobile phone is discovered a few blocks from the New York blast site. It is safely defused before being sent to an FBI lab. Several fingerprints were later recovered from the device.

The mall attacker, Dahir Adan, is a Somali immigrant. He was born in Africa and had lived in the United States for 15 years. He was shot and killed by Jason Falconer, an off-duty police officer, and firearms instructor. Adan appears to have hate issues against America. In a poorly written Facebook post, he wrote “Osama dead but his people ain’t, that’s a scary thing cause they going to want payback on the U.S.”

The bombs in New Jersey and New York were the work of Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was born in Afghanistan in 1988 and first came to the United States in 1995, several years after his father arrived seeking asylum. The FBI interviewed Rahami’s father in 2014 after a violent domestic dispute. That interview stemmed from a tip alleging that Rahami’s father was calling his son a terrorist.

If we had a federal government that truly wants to protect its citizens from harm, both of these individuals should have already been placed on an FBI database of potential terrorists. When Rahami’s father labeled him as a terrorist, he was already in jail for stabbing one of his relatives.

Another red flag should have been a lawsuit filed in 2011 by The Rahami family alleging discrimination and harassment because it was operating a restaurant in violation of city ordinances hours of operation.

The key problem we have with the Islamic world is a clash of cultures. The people of the Muslim faith operate under the idea that all other societies need to bow to their religion. They come to the West, and instead of being thankful for having been allowed to escape some horrible situation in the Middle East, they insist we conform to their twisted set of values.

Terrorism continues to get worse because our leaders think that accommodation is the best way to resolve the problem. Unless we are willing to abandon our Christian faith, there is no way to find common ground with a faith that seeks our enslavement.

There is a high cost that comes with this policy of appeasement. With each new attack, we lose another chunk of our freedom. The bomb that went off in New York shut down a large section of the city for two days. If it had been a dirty nuclear or chemical bomb that killed hundreds of people, the whole area would have been placed under martial law.

It was the growing security apparatus that led to the capture of Rahami. He was identified by one of 8,000 cameras that have been added to New York streets since the September 11 terror attacks as part of the city’s “Ring of Steel.” Big Brother may have an eye out for terrorists, but the growing sophistication of surveillance systems also has him keeping an eye on us.

The only fix for the problem of Islamic terror is to punish those committing the crimes. In the 1800s and early 1990s, the U.S. Bureau of Immigration sent people back to Europe if they thought they were unfit for American society. Back then, a return trip by boat took nearly a month.

Today, we could have Mohammed, Khaldun and Abdul back in sand land in under 16 hours. We’ve become so timid that we are taking the coward’s option by doing nothing. The needed response to this terror should be righteous anger.

“Oppression makes a wise man mad” (Ecclesiastes 7:7a).

“Who executes justice for the oppressed; Who gives food to the hungry The LORD sets the prisoners free. The LORD opens the eyes of the blind; The LORD raises up those who are bowed down; The LORD loves the righteous; The LORD protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow, But He thwarts the way of the wicked” (Psalm 146:7-9).


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