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Islam and Its Role in Bible Prophecy and the End Times

Islam and Its Role in Bible Prophecy and the End Times
By Chris Schang

A lot is being talked about in the press and in the Bible prophecy circles about how Islam will affect all of us. While we are definitely seeing an increased amount of evil and rampant satanic behavior resulting from Islam, the Bible tells us that things will continue the downward spiral until the world enters what is known as the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”, which is the seven year tribulation period right before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. There are many questions people have about the upward tick and rise of Islam and hopefully in this article I will give you my take on what I believe will happen as we head towards the pre-trib rapture of the church and the rest of the unbelieving and unrepentant world heads into the seven year tribulation period.

The Rise of Islam

Islam has ever since its birth in the 600AD timeframe, been a source of satanic behavior and evil intentions. In fact, I can clearly say that the origins of Islam is the very pit of Hell itself. As we all know, Islam started with Mohammed and alleged writings and mutterings that were given to him supposedly by the Angel Gabriel. As we all know, the Koran that Mohammed is responsible for is nothing like the Bible that was given to Israel by the One True God of Israel. Wherever Islam has been and flourished, it has left a trail of destruction and oppression in its wake. All one needs to do is look at the nations where Islam flourishes and they are the most backward and oppressed nations in the world. In these countries there are basically no “human rights” for women, children, and especially people who do not follow Islam. Murder and mayhem reign on those who do not follow the so called “Sharia Law” that is common in many Islamic countries. This of course is exactly how Satan, the true source behind Islam, wants things to be as he tries to hold people in spiritual and physical bondage of Islam as he goes about trying to wreck the perfect plan of God’s redemption for mankind.

With the occurrence of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, we have seen more and more information and news coverage about Islam. The lame-stream media for the most part has tried to portray Islam as a “religion of peace” however a quick look at the nightly news and the regular hangings and beheadings of infidels (unbelievers) on TV show otherwise. This is seen by anyone with “eyes to see and ears to hear”, but unfortunately there are too many people who actually defend Islam (see Ben Affleck) and insist that it is a religion of peace hijacked by a few fanaticals. Throughout the history of Islam, murder and mayhem have ruled the day and so it continues into our time. There is truly nothing new under the sun in that regard. I believe that as we get closer and closer the end of the current age, we will witness more and more horrors from Islam as the devil’s rage against mankind gets worse.

What’s Going on Here?

Naturally in Bible prophecy circles, people look to the Bible to see if there is any mention of Islam that can be found. While Islam is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, we can see several places where Islam could play a role in causing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The first two major places I see Islam playing a major role is in the Psalms 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 conflicts. I have mentioned before in my writings that I believe that the current chaos in the Middle East will set the ground for the prophetic fulfillment of the Psalms 83 prophecy where Israel’s “border” or “inner-ring” enemies are ultimately destroyed resulting in a period of short peace for Israel. As we see Israel is basically surrounded by terrorist organizations with Hezbollah to the North, Fatah (PA) to the East, and Hamas to the South. Other significant immediate enemies include the Assad controlled Syria. I believe the rise of the ISIS or Islamic State could cause the conditions to ripen that will allow for Israel to bring out overwhelming force to deal with this terrorist issue once and for all.

Psalms 83

As we see in the newspapers every day, the ISIS has taken over large parts of Syria and Iraq, they also show up here and there in places such as the Golan Heights, Lebanon, and other places. There seems to be almost no end to the waving of the black flag of the ISIS. In the past, the Middle East has been for the most part and still is run by dictators who ruled with an iron fist. Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, etc. have used ruthless and at times cruel ways to maintain control. And as we see with the ISIS and other terrorists groups rising up, we can see why they had to do this. They had been dealing with these various terrorist groups in the past before long before we had ever heard of their modern names. So in effect, the dictator model in my mind has been the most stable one for Israel and the world as a whole in regards to Islam. While there has been times where the dictator model did not work out well like the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, for the most part it has worked well in the Middle East and for the world as a whole. It’s easier to deal with one person than it is to deal with 25,000 or 50,000 rabid terrorists.

So where does the ISIS and other groups like Al-Qaeda come into play? To me I see them causing the chaotic situation on the ground that we see in various areas of the Middle East. With few “dictators” in charge and the terrorist groups basically ruling the ground in many places, I believe that eventually these terrorists groups will turn their attention on Israel and as a result fulfill Bible prophecy as it relates to Psalms 83 and eventually Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies. Isaiah 17 will also likely take place as well if things start to go south real fast for Bashar Assad in Damascus. But as long as the dictators are there to make the final decisions and “keep the peace” for the most part, I don’t believe there is much chance of a threat to Israel. There will surely be lots of “verbal attacks” for internal consumption, but there are not very many Middle East dictators looking for a real fight with Israel. After three straight defeats to Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973 I do not believe that the Arabs are in for any more of the same treatment from Israel. I believe the greatest threat will come from Iran (think nuclear weapons program) and the various terrorist organizations on the ground near Israel. When that threat occurs is hard to pinpoint, it could come after an Israeli strike on Iran or it could come before by an attack by the terrorists on Israel with stolen chemical and biological weapons from somewhere like Syria or Iraq. But to me, it is not an idea of IF but WHEN these things will happen, for the Bible has already outlined these things so they will surely occur as foretold. The exact details remain a mystery, but we can surely see that Islam will play a role here for sure.

Ezekiel 38-39

It is my belief that after the destruction of the various border or inner-ring enemies of Israel, this will set in motion for the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies that foretell a large Islamic coalition that is led by Russia in an effort to destroy Israel. As foretold in Ezekiel 38-39, the invading armies are utterly destroyed and even the Russian homeland is hit with fire and brimstone from Heaven as a result. The main players in this conflict will be Russia, Iran, and Turkey as well as a cast of smaller players that range from the entire area surrounding Israel. But despite these ill-intentioned plans of the invading forces, God will supernaturally intervene and destroy 5/6ths of the invading forces. He will once again show himself to Israel, which in turn will cause a national awakening to the God of Israel. The Jews will once again realize that God has not left them but has been there all along. They will want to re-establish the Old Testament animal sacrifices and return to their old ways. But in order to do this they will need a temple, and this is where the man with a plan will come in. The coming Antichrist will come on the scene and confirm a covenant (probably a peace proposal already on the table) and be hailed as a great peace-maker. This covenant will likely include the right to rebuild a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Islam in Europe

But before we get to that point, it is my belief that the rise of Islam in Europe will result in the turn of Europe from the side of Israel, to the side of the Islamists. Right now, we are seeing such nations as Norway and Sweden holding anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian positions on the issues. We see rising waves of anti-semitism in France and other places and I believe this rise of Islam in Europe will turn the countries of Europe against Israel to the point that they will eventually become a major player in the peace talks between the Israelis and Islamists. Right now, the U.S. plays the major role in the peace talks, but with the continuing failure of the peace talks, it seems to me that this will open the doors for other major powers such as the E.U. and Russia to enter the stage. Just the other day the Russians announced their support to the PA request for a definitive timetable on the withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank. Europe is once again talking about crippling sanctions on Israel starting next year. I believe these players will begin to take on a bigger role in the talks, whether Israel likes it or not, if they continue to have a stalemate over the peace talks and if Israel does not strike Iran. But in the case that Israel strikes Iran, all bets are off for me.

What Do We Do Now?

This brings me to the conclusion that now more than ever we need to be paying attention to things going on in the world today, especially in regards to the Middle East and the peace process. We need to be paying attention to the ongoing development of the Iranian nuclear program and look for hints that Israel could strike soon. We need to stick to solid Bible prophecy teachings and ignore bad theology such as an Islamic Antichrists that go plainly against the Word of God and get us looking in the wrong directions at such a critical junction in history. We need to embrace the sound and conservative teachings of the faith in regards to Bible prophecy. We need to continue to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ and the Gospel in these last days. As we see the signs of the times and the prophetic puzzle pieces falling into place, we need to proclaim boldly and urgently the message of the Cross. We need to be the watchmen on the walls who are paying attention and that are not easily distracted. The eternal destiny of souls hang in the balance. Instead of worrying about whether this or that might happen, we need to put on the armor of the Lord and march forward proclaiming the truth of Jesus even if it offends the world. Whether that truth is the truth about Islam, gay marriage, the Gospel, etc. we are the salt and light of the world and while we are here we have a job to do! Keep looking up for our redemption is drawing nigh!

God bless!

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