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India: Muslims All Over the Country Attack Hindus During Mahashivratri

India: Muslims All Over the Country Attack Hindus During Mahashivratri
Another day in the life of Jihad.
By Ashlyn Davis

The Hindus in India celebrated Mahashivratri, a religious festival dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, on Saturday, February 18. It has become commonplace in the country in the past few years for Muslims to attack, disrupt, and commit violence against Hindus and Hindu venues holding Hindu celebrations. Hence it was not a shock for anyone when news of disturbances started being reported from various states of India days ahead of the festival.

One of the first instances was reported from Palamu Jharkhand on February 15. A group of Muslims viciously attacked the Hindus while they were preparing for the upcoming Shivaratri celebrations. The main objection of the attackers was regarding a decorative gate that had been installed around 120 meters from the Jama mosque. Eyewitnesses recount that one night before the commotion, some Hindus constructed a temporary decorative gate for the upcoming festival at that spot. Some members of the Muslim community in the area didn’t agree with this, and raised objections. They demanded that the gate be moved elsewhere.

The local temple committee then decided to discuss the issue peacefully with the Muslims the following morning. But the Muslims refused to sit for an amicable discussion, and resorted to violence. They attacked one of the temple committee members, and this disruption spiraled into a clash that left dozens injured, including police personnel. Reportedly, the nearby mosque was used as a base for throwing heavy stones upon the locals. This is ironic, because according to local reports, the Hindus had extended generous contributions to the mosque’s construction.

The Hindus are used to being at the receiving end and know that no amount of good will that they display to some Muslims will ever be reciprocated. But in the secular setup, it’s not only the Muslims, but also the police and administration that victimized the majority community. Hence the police also unleashed their batons on the Hindus.

Several houses and vehicles parked in the area were torched during the uproar. A local leader of the Bhartiya Janta Party, Laal Suraj, also a resident of Kondhwa, confirmed that the “members of the Hindu community were only conveying that if the procession was to pass through this route, then how could the archway be erected at a different location?” He also emphasized that a similar gate was installed last month for a different occasion held in the area, and the local Muslims raised no objection. “I have no idea why they are raising objections before the Maha Shivaratri festival,” added Laal.

Apart from the Palamu incidents, an instance of violence was also reported from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. Muslims attacked a Shivratri procession that the Hindus had begun on the 18th. These Muslims stopped the religious procession and demanded that the organizers stop playing sacred music. When the Hindus refused to obey their orders, the Muslims started abusing them and hurled stones at the procession. The stone-throwing injured several Hindu devotees. It must be noted in this connection that Muslims play their call to prayer five times a day, every single day of the year, through blaring loudspeakers installed at their mosques in every city, town, and village of the country. Then why do they display such intolerance toward the Hindus who play religious music only during festivals? One cannot ask such questions.

Some Hindus reached the Chand Police Station and apprised the police of the violence that had broken out in the area. Police rushed to the spot and tried to establish normalcy. Activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad also filed a complaint demanding the arrest of the accused. They identified some of the Muslims who had attacked the procession as Rashid Patel, Rizwan Khan, Faisal Khan, Anwar Khan, Imran Khan, Jahid Khan, Arshad Khan, and Niyaz Khan. In the complaint, the members of the Hindu organization detailed that on February 18, a Mahashivratri procession was organized, and youth from the Muslim community stopped the Hindus. They demanded that the music be stopped and threatened the Hindus to hold any such processions in the future. “If the police fail to take any action against the accused, Hindu organizations will hold massive protests,” said the activists. They have also submitted a video as evidence of the violence that the Muslims started.

However, as per reports, there has been a considerable delay from the police in taking action against the accused and arresting them. The police, nevertheless, have assured the public that they were investigating the matter and would take proper action based on the filed complaint.

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