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Hamas-Linked CAIR: ‘Jesus Loves U’ is Hate Speech

Hamas-Linked CAIR: ‘Jesus Loves U’ is Hate Speech
CAIR’s vindictiveness and hostility ensue.
By Larry Estavan

A mosque in Corvallis, Oregon was vandalized with a spray-painted message that read “Jesus loves u.” The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a statement on Twitter:

Our national communications director @ibrahimhooper said: “If the perpetrators really sought to engage Muslims, they could have walked through the door of the mosque to respectfully discuss their religious beliefs and those of the Muslim community.” #Islamophobia

“This hypocritical call to ‘love’ is really an expression of hatred when it targets a house of worship with vandalism and should be investigated as a possible hate crime.”

KEZI then reported CAIR’s reaction as news, even though CAIR knows nothing about what happened, who did it, or why. CAIR representatives contribute nothing to our understanding except CAIR’s call for a hate crime investigation. Please take note of the fact that the mosque is not calling for a hate crime investigation. Only CAIR is doing so.

We have seen this story before. CAIR importuned the police and local media for days after someone spray-painted “Utterly Blessed” in pink and purple letters on the side of an Islamic center. CAIR wanted an investigation into a possible bias motive. But there was no bias motive. The 18-year-old college student was having a thrill one night spraying graffiti on blank walls.

What makes this particular KEZI story interesting is the interview with the man who was cleaning the paint from the building. He said he didn’t think it was a big deal, just a little bit of paint on the side of a building. He said incarcerating the perpetrator was a waste of taxpayer money, and that people make a big deal out of things. He is also a Muslim who attends the mosque across the street. This is a clear-cut example of the fact that CAIR does not represent the American Muslim community.

This next example is not just vandalism, but vile language addressed to Muslims: Nazi symbols, N-bombs, nasty, racist words spray-painted on the Moorhead, Minnesota mosque. CAIR dropped its latest hate report when news broke about this vandalism. And, of course, CAIR wanted a hate crime investigation. When they caught the culprit, he said he didn’t hate Muslims, that he did it for the attention, and that it was “the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life.”

In a surprise twist, the mosque forgave him. But by that time, Jaylani Hussein, CAIR’s executive director in Minnesota, was committed to acting as media liaison, and so he had to issue a message of forgiveness from the community. Obviously, his heart was not in it. He wanted a hate crime charge.

Indeed, later that same year, CAIR was on TV again claiming that the vandal was part of a hate group and again called for an investigation, and they still put this incident in their reports, even though Jaylani Hussein personally forgave the perpetrator on TV.

Spray-painting anything on someone else’s property is vandalism. But the message “Jesus loves u” is not a hate crime. Any rational person, Muslim or otherwise, would tell you that. But CAIR nevertheless wants a hate crime investigation.

In fact, right now, former CAIR Community Outreach Co-Ordinator Zaynab Mohamed, now a Minnesota state Senator, is introducing legislation to:

“improve the reporting and tracking of bias incidents. The proposal would allow trusted community groups to collect information from people who may not feel comfortable talking to the police and otherwise let something go unreported.”

This seems to resonate with CAIR’s vision of an anti-Islamophobia envoy as some kind of Sharia enforcement agency.

CAIR’s vindictiveness and hostility is as clear as the TV evening news. And it will continue until the public stops it.

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