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Germany: Muslims Call for ‘Islamophobia Commissioner’ and ‘Determined Stance’ to Stop Criticism of Islam

Germany: Muslims Call for ‘Islamophobia Commissioner’ and ‘Determined Stance’ to Stop Criticism of Islam
Are “Islamophobia” and anti-Semitism really the same?
By Christine Williams

Marking the four-year anniversary of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand in which 51 people were killed and 40 injured, Germany’s Muslim community is doubling down on its determination to combat “Islamophobia,” which includes criticism of Islam. The Central Council of Muslims (ZMD) “called for a more determined stance against Islamophobia, saying Muslims continue to experience prejudice, hate crimes and discrimination in their daily lives.”

Aiman Mazyek, the president of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, stated:

The anniversary of Christchurch mosque attacks painfully reminds us that stirring up prejudices and hatred against Muslims do not stop at words, but they can be carried into action…..This also makes it clear that we have to take a much more determined stand against Islamophobia in our society, even if it sometimes hypocritically portrayed as the criticism of Islam.”

Note how this opportunist uses the Christchurch massacre to try to shut down criticism of Islam, framing it as “hypocritical” in his attempt to tar such criticism as “Islamophobic.”

One needs to remember that Islamic supremacists, not peaceful Muslims, are the topic of any discussion about threats to Western free societies, and so scrutinizing their doctrine is imperative.

The only way to stop the relentless attack on the freedom of expression is to completely reject the term “Islamophobia” and replace it with the term “anti-Muslim bigotry,” which would make it clear that criticism of Islam and opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression are not included.

Britain serves as an important case study regarding the “Islamophobia” subterfuge. In 2019, a definition of “Islamophobia” was presented by an All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.” The broadness of this definition is obvious; it leaves wide latitude for Islamic supremacist groups to fill in all blanks. It is noteworthy that the vice-chair of this All-Party Parliamentary Group is Labour Party MP Naz Shah, who once retweeted that “victims of Muslim rape gangs should shut up for the good of diversity.”

In May 2019, the UK government wisely made a U-turn and refused to adopt the broad working definition of “Islamophobia.” Then nine months ago, the same government dismissed Imam Qari Asim, who had served as an official adviser on “Islamophobia,” “after he supported protests against a film about the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad that has caused a backlash.” One can see in Asim’s actions the encroachment upon the freedom of expression that is involved in actions against “Islamophobia.” In November 2022, the UK government dropped altogether any plans to use the official definition of “Islamophobia.”

In Canada, the Toronto District School Board, with help from the National Council of Canadian Muslims, also broadly defined “Islamophobia,” as “fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture,’” prompting concerns from B’nai Brith that “the broad definition could lead to students or staff being punished for expressing dislike for the Republic of Iran’s persecution of LGBTQ people or restrictions placed on women in Saudi Arabia.” Keep in mind that Iran is the world’s leading Shia country, while Saudi Arabia is arguably the world’s leading Sunni country.

Agenda-driven individuals and groups often compare “Islamophobia” with antisemitism when advancing the “Islamophobia” agenda. In 2019, Aiman Mazyek weighed in with his idea for an “Islamophobia” commissioner, as he pointed out “the recently appointed anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein.” That same year, Abdul Samad Yazidi, secretary-general of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims (ZMD), stated:

Anti-Semitism is unacceptable in society and attacking and inciting Muslims is also unacceptable. We reject any part of German society being threatened, be they Jews, Muslims, blacks, women or homosexuals.

Indeed, no one should be attacked based on his or her race, religious beliefs, gender and personal choice. Yet the two cannot be compared. “Islamophobia” does not simply aim to end bigotry against Muslims. This differentiates the term from antisemitism. “Islamophobia” also endeavors to stamp out scrutiny of Islam. Conversely, the battle against antisemitism does not aim to end any criticism of Judaism. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) also states that “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

Jewish doctrine is not under a microscope in discussions about antisemitism, and for good reason. There are no blasphemy tenets in Judaism that cause people to be hunted down and murdered for “blasphemy.” There is no push by Jews to obliterate Muslim states. Jews don’t preach conquest or have documents on how to deceive and subvert infidel societies, akin to the Muslim Brotherhood memorandum about its goals in North America. There is no long list of Jewish “unindicted co-conspirators” in terror funding cases. There is no genocide perpetrated by Jews. There are no Jewish rape gangs. There are no synagogues in the West that are linked to terrorism. There is no abuse of women sanctioned by Judaism for being uncovered or for any other reason. You don’t hear Jewish rabbis preaching about beating their wives, or calling Muslims or anyone else pigs and monkeys. You don’t see Jews wildly protesting in the streets and chanting death to Muslim countries, or hunting down publications and journalists for criticizing Israel. No one is scared to insult Jewish prophets lest they get beheaded. You don’t see Jews tearing apart the fabric of free societies because of their “hurt feelings,” despite the unfair attacks against them at the United Nations, etc.

So it should be clear why one should not compare the ancient hatred of Jews (antisemitism) to criticism of Islam (“Islamophobia”).

It’s telling to see some Muslim groups witness widespread human rights abuses and fail to condemn them, while blaming critics who defend the victims. Muslim lobbies do not treat the attack and murder of infidels and the treatment of women in Sharia states with the same concern that they have for the Christchurch attack. Does anyone wonder why?

The more Islamic supremacists are appeased, the more brazen they become. Several weeks ago, Open Doors got its turn to be dragged over the coals, smeared and discredited in Germany for its reports about Christian persecution in Islamic countries and territories, when a member of Germany’s parliament, Jürgen Braun, proposed the creation of an International Day Against the Persecution of Christians. Open Doors documents the savagery of jihad groups, as well as the persecution of Christians in Islamic countries such as Iran and Pakistan. It was only a matter of time before Open Doors came under attack, given the goal of Islamic supremacists to stop any light being shed on Sharia-inspired human rights abuses.

In 2020, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) announced plans to help French Jews go to Israel, citing the increase in violent anti-Semitism and France’s “surrendering to jihad.” That same year, the President of the Confederation of Jews in France stated that “in a few decades, there will be no Jews in France.” Due to violent Islamic antisemitism, Jews were leaving. Was the WZO and the President of the Confederation of Jews being “Islamophobic?” In 2018, even Angela Merkel openly admitted that anti-Semitism was coming to the country from “refugees or people of Arab origin.”

Jihadists are undeniably driven by Islamic texts. The leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was an Islamic scholar, and upon his death was afforded full religious rites according to Islamic custom. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that Turkey “has nothing that contradicts the Taliban’s beliefs.” Erdogan also aims for a revived Ottoman Empire, that is, a caliphate. Yet Islamic supremacists seek to hide all knowledge of Sharia expansion, subversion and murder as they wield the “Islamophobia” subterfuge to claim victimhood.

Now the Central Council of Muslims (ZMD) in Germany is once again calling for the German government to “appoint a commissioner to combat Islamophobia.”

Mazyek called on the German government to take concrete steps to address the problem, and reiterated the Muslim community’s demand to appoint a commissioner to combat Islamophobia.

Canada already has an “Islamophobia czar,” whose appointment received considerable backlash, especially from the French province of Quebec. Germany and other Western countries are sinking under an Islamic supremacist agenda that violates the guarantees of freedom in Western societies. The fear of Islamic lobbies leads to appeasement and the endangerment of the cornerstone of free societies, freedom of expression, yet ironically, those same lobbies decry any fear of Muslims.

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