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Albanian Migrant Murders His French Host After Argument Over Religion

Albanian Migrant Murders His French Host After Argument Over Religion
Then he sends a video of the body to a neighbor over Snapchat.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Another month, another murder of his European host by a Muslim migrant. This time, it took place in France, where an “argument over religion” – I think we can figure out what that must have been about – led to a Muslim migrant killing his French host, a man who had generously provided him with board and room for the last two years. More on this horrific event can be found here: “Albanian migrant accused of killing his French host over an argument about religion, sends video of body to neighbor over Snapchat,” France Bleu, February 22, 2023:

An Albanian migrant stabbed his French host to death after the two engaged in an argument over religion earlier in the day, according to French public prosecutors.

The article does not say that the Albanian was a Muslim. But nearly 60% of Albanians are Muslims; as they are less prosperous than Albanian Christians, they are more heavily represented among the Albanians who leave the country as economic migrants seeking to take advantage of the benefits available in the welfare states of Western Europe. Furthermore, had this Albanian migrant been a Christian, it is doubtful that there would have been quite so violent an argument “over religion” with another Christian, but all too plausible an occurrence between an Albanian Muslim and a French Christian.

The stabbing homicide took place during the night of February 14 to 15, 2023, in the west-central French town of Poitiers, according to the public prosecutor.

A bittersweet memory fro students of European history: It was at Poitiers, in 732, that a French force under Charles Martel turned back an invading army of Muslim Arabs and prevented Islam, as Gibbon wrote, from sweeping over Europe. Now in the same city, a member of what can be viewed as a new Muslim invading force, consisting of millions of economic migrants, has slaughtered an innocent Christian in an argument over religion.

The 30-year-old Albanian suspect stabbed the 44-year-old caregiver inside the home they were sharing at the time. The suspect is illegally in France and is subject to a deportation order that was never executed, an issue that has plagued France, including in relation to the Algerian migrant who raped and murdered 12-year-old Paris schoolgirl Lola last year.

Like others in Western Europe, with the notable exception of the Danes, the French have shown themselves incapable of enforcing their own deportation laws. In the second quarter of 2022, France issued 33,450 deportation orders. But for that same quarter, France managed to carry out only 3,590 deportations. That’s an enforcement rate of a little over 10%. It’s not hard to understand. The French police have their hands full, given the high rates of criminality among the country’s six million Muslims, in trying to investigate and track down those committing street robberies, house burglaries, car break-ins and burnings, assaults, sex crimes, and engaged, too, in drug trafficking. They also have a problem in getting North African countries, especially Algeria, to take back their own nationals whom the French are trying to deport.

The suspect apparently gave himself away after he sent a video of the victim’s naked body to a neighbor over Snapchat, according to a report from French newspaper France Bleu.

He told me that he had ‘executed’ the guy who took him in,” this neighbor told La Nouvelle République. “I asked where his roommate was, he said ‘at his house’ before sending me a video.”

The neighbor, who appeared to know the migrant and the man hosting him, said the murder victim was “a very nice person, with a big heart. (…) He let the other man live in his residence for two years and paid his bills. How ungrateful.”

What an understatement: “How ungrateful.” This ghastly murder may be taken as representative of a larger tale, that of large-hearted, much too trusting, Infidel Europe, opening wide its gates during the past two decades, to let in tens of millions of Muslim economic migrants. These migrants have settled in the midst of indigenous Infidels where they take advantage of all the benefits that the generous welfare states of Western Europe have on offer: free or highly subsidized housing, free medical care, free education, family allowances, unemployment benefits, and more. Like the Muslim in this case who took whatever this “very nice person, with a big heart” provided him – he even “paid his [the killer’s] bills” according to the neighbor – the millions of Muslims who have been living on the generosity of Infidels, yet still regard them, as the Qur’an insists, as “the most vile of created beings.” Some of these economic migrants take what they can from the state, then “round out” their monthly take by engaging in petty property crimes, chiefly shoplifting, pickpocketing, street muggings, and house burglaries.

The neighbor then alerted the police who arrived at the apartment to find the victim with numerous stab wounds lying dead inside the apartment’s bathtub. Police found blood located on the walls of the apartment, but the floor had already been cleaned.

According to a source close to the investigation, the suspect explained that he had an argument with the victim during the day on Tuesday related to religion, which police believe may have been the motive behind the murder.”

Now what “argument related to religion” between the two might have led to the Muslim’s homicidal rage? Could it have been a critical comment that the landlord let slip about Islam? Or something about Muhammad not being quite the “Perfect Man” (al-insan al-kamil) and “Model of Conduct” (uswa hasana) that Muslims take him to be? Might the landlord have said something about Muhammad consummating his marriage to little Aisha when he was 54 and she was nine years old? Or could he have criticized the treatment of women in Islam, where husbands are allowed to “beat” their wives if they are even suspected of being disobedient? Could host and guest have been discussing religion for some time, with the Muslim attempting to convert his host to the One True Faith, and becoming angry when the Frenchman refused to consider such conversion? There are so many possible “arguments over religion” that could lead a thin-skinned Muslim, determined to protect his faith from any and all criticisms comng from an Infidel, to suddenly fly into a homicidal rage. Will the police follow that line of inquiry, or will they try to maintain the fiction that the murderer must, of course, have been suffering from a mental illness? When will Islam itself, and what the Qur’an and hadith inculcate, be subject to investigation, and discovered to be the fons et origo of so much of the extreme violence that Muslims too often exhibit?

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