Your opinions on the alleged TR-3B "space ship"


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The context: We are seeing many more articles about UFO's and such in the daily press. The Navy has let out those "UFO" videos in the last year from on board cameras. More and more articles, videos and movies about UFO's.

I used this context to prepare a Biblical based lesson on what "true" UFO's may be, as in the manifestations of fallen angels so that our gathering had some biblical basis to ponder if this distraction was sprung upon us by the adversary in the days ahead.

That said, I am starting to read articles about: TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts one such article at:

Also US Patent No: US10144532B2 assigned to US Navy Title: Craft using an inertial mass reduction device
and older US Patent application US 20060145019 A1 Title: Triangular spacecraft

What do you all think? Is the TR-3B real, or are these too manifestations of fallen angels? I ask this to try to guide the saints through an ever increasing incredible daily experience. (I re read the rules, and I think I am OK asking this. ... not releasing any classified information... etc.)

I still believe "true" UFO's are manifestations of fallen angels, but could the TR-3B be why POTUS formed Space Force? So many incredible "things" these days! Often times we do better figuring things out together, than this ol' guy does figuring them out alone...
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A specific craft wouldn't be a reason for establishing a Space Force. That would be done because it was seen (by those making that decision) that there was a strategic need to have an organization that focused on war in/from/ and to space. We may have a need to fight in space, target objects that are in space, and target other objects from space. Clearly, weaponized satellites/space objects and GPS satellites could/would be targeted in a war.


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If you Wikipedia this, you'll find there are writings of triangular space craft dating back to the 1500's by incredibly reputable people. I have no idea what they are, but they've been around much longer than the last 20 or so years. I'm a believer in demonic UFO's.

As for the Military's reason for using one, if they do; There are pages you can find on Google stating it is may either be an anti-gravity type of advanced craft, or a nuclear powered reactor of some type. Considering the Military didn't come out in force for the triangular craft over Phoenix that is well documented, or the one in Southern Illinois that may be the most well documented in US history, it leads me to believe those were Military. I see no way the Military would not send out a group of Stealth fighters for a massive UFO seen by ten thousand people and reported by Police Officers, Mayors and Judges as well. They didn't though. My only logical conclusion is the one seen by so many in Southern Illinois was a Military craft. Even people on the St. Louis side, near me, reported seeing it. It's even more interesting that the last mass sightings were prior to Smart Phones and their highly pixelated cameras.