Your first operating system?

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It was probably MS Dos. Boot the OS from floppies, then load an app into memory from floppy, then work on your spreadsheet. When it is time to sort the spreadsheet, start the process, then go do something else for several hours. Print out document. Boss wants to make a change? Start the whole process over.

Then I went to OS/2 and used that for about 10 years before I went with Windows ME, and I stuck with Windows after that.


The first time I used a computer, I submitted punch cards. I don't know what OS it ran. It was on the print-outs that we got back after the computer room ran it.

The first real operating system I was on was on a PDP-9.

And then, it was Unix, glorious Unix. I still do most of my work in a command-line terminal using a vi editor.


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Most probably Unix in the late 1970's (at high school, connected to a local university computer), with a brief dalliance with Burroughs MPC/Algol in the military and then back to Unix at university. All of these (obviously) were on mainframes prior to 1985 when I was finally introduced to DOS on a 8088 IBM PC. My first programming experience was using paper tape in high school. Lots of fun, as you might imagine. :) In the military, I had real-time terminal access, but back in the public domain it was on to punch cards at 2 AM when the lines were shorter. The PC was sort of like being let out of prison...or seemed so at the time. Now, it's sort of like being back in prison again, LOL. But, though I learned to code, as it were, I also learned that it wasn't very good for me.
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First computer, I could walk into :eek We programmed in machine language (extremely time consuming, and a lot of cloning occurred to save time), and sometimes reconfigured the computer, itself, if we needed to change stuff. When tubes blew and other components/connections melted/failed, we had to locate and replace/repair :rolleyes

Magnetic tape reels, punch cards, and (later) paper tape. I was sooooooooo happy when we got a card reader/sorter. Low man on the totem pole had to put the cards in order and facing the right direction when a deck was dropped :mad users dialed in with an accoustic coupler. Printers were thermal burn or light "computer font" printed on tractor-fed paper.

I had an extremely difficult time migrating from the old mainframe computers, where hardware was changed to do stuff, to PC, where software is used to do stuff. I'm glad I had an open-architecture Trogon laptop at one time because it helped me understand the change in technology.

Early programs: BASIC, FORTRAN

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Windows 95, i think, in my elementary school computer labs. Mostly played educational games on it then.