Yamina MK says she’s receiving death threats against herself and family


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Yamina MK says she’s receiving death threats against herself and family
Coalition whip Idit Silman accuses opposition parties of launching a coordinated attack against her; Lapid says messages are criminal and cross a red line
By TOI staff

Coalition whip Idit Silman said Sunday that she received phone calls and text messages with explicit threats to the lives of her and her family earlier in the day. Silman, a member of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s Yamina party, said she reached out to the Knesset Guard and police. She has been the target of threats over the last month with some on the right accusing her and the Yamina party of betraying the right by forming a unity government to out Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years of rule.

“The threats against me and my family are the result of the planned and unprecedented attacks by opposition members. Put an end to this dangerous and unceasing incitement,” she said in a statement. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid also called on the opposition, now led by Netanyahu, to condemn the threats, saying they crossed a red line. “The threats against the lives of Idit Silman and her children are a red line and I call on all members of the opposition to condemn them,” Lapid tweeted. “Disputes between the opposition and coalition are logical and accepted, but messages to her mobile phone are dangerous and a crime.”

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