Yamina members criticize Ra'am and Meretz


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Yamina members criticize Ra'am and Meretz
Senior Yamina officials outraged after voting against regulation of young settlements, while Ra'am MK voted along with the opposition.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Nov 11 , 2021

Members of the Yamina party sent a message to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that they would not agree to the independent conduct of the Ra'am and Meretz parties in the Knesset plenum, Kan 11 News reported on Wednesday. The statements came after the coalition’s two losses in the plenum on Wednesday evening and the embarrassment felt by some members of Yamina in light of the fact that they voted against the Young Settlement Regulation Law, while MK Mazen Ghanaim from Ra'am voted with the opposition.

Officials in the coalition sharply criticized Ra'am, saying, "The previous government fell precisely because of such conduct, Ra'am promised us that they would vote with the coalition and did not keep their promise. It is impossible for Knesset members to repeatedly violate coalition discipline."

Earlier on Wednesday, the plenum passed two bills promoted by the opposition. One was that of the chairman of the Joint List, Ayman Odeh, regarding the establishment of a hospital in the Arab city of Sakhnin that bill passed by one vote, that of a representative of Ra'am.