Yair Lapid is the big winner of the state budget - analysis


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Yair Lapid is the big winner of the state budget - analysis
The passage of the budget brings Lapid a large step forward to his goal of becoming prime minister.
NOVEMBER 4, 2021

When deputy Knesset Speaker Eitan Ginzburg announced that the state budget for 2021 had passed, Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid took a quick break from taking selfies and pounded on the table three times in joy and relief. Lapid then released a statement in which he credited Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, the ministerial liaison to the Knesset Ze’ev Elkin, Coalition Chairwoman Idit Silman and her deputy from Lapid’s party, Boaz Toporovsky. In his speech the night before, Lapid even credited the opposition.

“Sometimes, even in this building, it is necessary to recognize that every time one side wins, it is not a sign that the other lost,” he wrote. “Sometimes we lose together, sometimes we win together. This budget is a mutual win.” Spreading credit for a victory makes one a good team player in most sports. But not in Lapid’s favorite sport, which is boxing. In boxing, there is often one winner and one loser, and that is actually what happened in Thursday morning’s vote in the Knesset. There was one unquestionable victor in the vote, and it is Lapid himself.

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