XBox recommendations for youth group


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So, our innr city ministry has just purchased an Xbox; our director wanted to have something to draw more kids along with air hockey, ping pong, soon-to-be carpetball, etc. in the teen rooms we were given last year. (Board gamses just aren't cutting it, maybe it we started to get younger kids.)

Xbox was the recommended one by several of the kids, I'm clueless on these, so while our director went to look, there was a special and after talking with the sales person about our needs (I was keeping an eye on the kids) we got one.

I am looking for recommendations for games. Our youth group is mostly age 10-113, with one 7YO, slightly more boys than girls.

I figure sports are the best - I think it's for Wii but I've heard of others having these cool Mariokart tournaments. However, I'm sure there are others.

We just don't want anything evil, obviously, and won't be doing stuff with others in chat rooms or anything (or however you play with other Xboxers from around the country/world.) It's just for the kids in our group, just like my Intellivision when I was a teenager in the '80s and my friends would play on it with me. Though obviously with much better graphics. up in the '80s. (Ab