World Cup: US defeats Iran 1-0 in tense game


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World Cup: US defeats Iran 1-0 in tense game
The match will decide who will move forward to the next stage of the tournament amid political tensions between Iran and the US.
Published: NOVEMBER 29, 2022

The US defeated Iran 1-0 in their latest clash in the Middle East, as they faced off on the field in the World Cup in a match charged by both the importance of the tournament and political tensions. The match on Tuesday is the most important of this round for the two teams as it will decide who moves on to the knockout stage of the tournament.

The teams were playing within one of eight groups randomly selected in a lottery before the game from the qualifying teams. Each group includes four teams, with each of the four teams playing the other teams in its respective group. The US and Iran were in Group B, alongside Wales and England.