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I just finished the Davidic Chronicles, from Christian novelist Greg Baker, a five book historical fiction series on the life of David from shepherd boy to King. I practically read nonstop the last several nights I was so riveted. As always when I read something this good I felt a bit of sadness when finally done.

The writer followed 1 Samuel very closely and provides a lot of informative biblical commentary at the end of each book. I highly recommend the series for those of you who enjoy good biblical novels like myself. And the best part it's free on Kindle if you have Amazon Prime!

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And the best part it's free on Kindle if you have Amazon Prime!

I think you have to be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber to read them for free. I think that's about $10 a month... I have Amazon Prime and I couldn't find where I could read them gratis. I'll read the series through library loans if I can get them. I love the novels that are written around Biblical characters though I'll admit that I've read so many written around some characters... I'm thinking David, Rachel, Ruth... those seem real popular to novelists. Some things always evoke strong reactions in me, though, no matter how often I read about it. When David dances in praise, my heart always leaps. When David sets up one of his mighty men to be killed in battle, my depths of disappointment know no bounds.
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