Woman tased, arrested after not wearing mask at Ohio football game

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LOGAN, Ohio -- The Governor of Ohio is responding after an incident at a middle school football game caused uproar online.

A video shared online captured a resource officer arresting a woman after she refused to wear a mask or leave the football game. The next day, the school received threats.

The Logan-Hocking School District superintendent says they weren't credible, but he wasn't taking chances with student safety, so the district was placed on lockout.

In response, Gov. Mike Dewine is urging residents to respect officers enforcing health policies.

WSYX reports the video shows a woman being tased by a school resource officer during a middle school football game in Logan, Ohio.

You can watch the video of the incident above.

She was taken out of the stadium in handcuffs after police say she refused to leave.

"We require masks, you know, like the Ohio Athletic Association guidelines say, and the health department guidelines say," Superintendent Monte Bainter said.

Logan Police say the woman in the video, Alicia Kitts, was told several times to put a mask on. She reportedly told the officer she had asthma and was not going to wear it.

The officer then told her several times she would have to leave if she wouldn't wear a mask. When she refused, he used his Taser on her shoulder in order to get her into custody.

She was charged with criminal trespassing.

"The police are doing their job exactly the way they're supposed to do, absolutely. I mean, textbook police work," community member Kevin Knight said.

The arrest is under investigation by Logan Police.


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I can't believe what's going on. The woman has asthma. This is Orwellian.
And this takes place while there are anarchists burning cities, few being arrested but only to release them within an house of processing to go right back to violence and destroying cities. You have states with their criminal justice that are releasing felons, even rapists, if they believe they’re not a threat to society. But not wearing a mask gets you tased and handcuffed and treated worse than those criminals being released from prison to go out and return to crime and imposing a threat to people. Oh, can’t forget pedophelia being legalized in California if the minor consents to sex. It’s outrageous and makes no sense

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That was an appalling breach of civil rights she wasn't even seated near anyone. I hope she sues for a large settlement.
Yes. MY daughter and son in-law go to a nearby casino. They do have some social distancing arrangements there but people are still very close to each other and with the revelation of Covid spreading by means of just breathing the air makes it not possible to have social distancing by even 6-15 feet. An infected person can cough in the air, leave that area and the virus will still be there in the sir by the way cdc describe the spread now


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One thing is that public places with higher density of occupancy also have increased ventilation with outside air intake.