Woke Choke: US Men’s Basketball Loses to France 83-76, First Olympic Loss Since 2004

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Imperfect but forgiven
With a roster full of anthem-kneelers and outspoken social justice advocates, it’s safe to say the United States sent the most woke men’s basketball team in history to the Olympics this year; what is also clear after Sunday is that the U.S. has also sent the worst basketball team in nearly 20 years to the Olympic games.

The U.S. Men’s Basketball Team saw their 44-game Olympic win streak come to an end in their first game of the Tokyo Olympics, as they fell to France 83-76.


They should have spent more time practicing and less time on their knees.


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So is it a fact that the US Olympic Mens Basketball team kneeled at any point up and up to this game, and if so, does that include any of the pro NBA stars that were selected to the team?


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Yep, Pop as a coach is one thing but Pop as a person of life matters and influence and mentoring is another thing all together.