With American Culture Conquered, 'Homosaurus' Moves On

Ghoti Ichthus

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With American Culture Conquered, 'Homosaurus' Moves On​

Steve Jordahl
Apr 21, 2023

"President Biden continues to champion sexual deviancy, now granting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to reach the Hispanic community with the cause, and an advocate for truth says Americans must stop allowing the Left to gain ground.

Through the National Endowment for the Arts, a taxpayer-funded independent agency of the federal government that offers support and funding for projects exhibiting artistic excellence, the Biden administration is giving Washington State University $350,000 to translate a thesaurus of crude and graphic LGBTQ+ words and phrases into Spanish. The project description bills the lexicon as a resource for "libraries, archives, museums, and other heritage institutions."
LifeSiteNews relays that the "Homosaurus" is described as a "robust and cutting-edge thesaurus that advances the discoverability of LGBTQ+ resources and information."
With most areas of Anglo culture conquered, Peter Labarbera of Americans for Truth says the Hispanic community seems to be the new target."


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