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If you have had an invite, I think it is a sound idea to accept and reserve your free upgrade and to download it at the release date. You will then have twelve months to decide if you want to actually go ahead and upgrade during which time you should be able to find out if there are any serious problems or things that you don't like about it from those who just can't wait to start using it!
Are you saying download Windows 10 but not install it yet until feedback from others using 10 is collected? Just trying to be sure I understand you. (I thought the download and install was an automatic thing once it became available.)


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Is Xperia an Apple platform? I now use an iPad for personal stuff, though on my work-horse computer at the office I use Windows 7. I am enjoying the iPad, it has a different feel, but very stable.
LOL, my ipad corrected it, I meant to say XP instead it said Xperia
My ipad uses safari
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Hi Mary, 'Yes', just let Microsoft download it for you (they will tell you when they have done this) as the decision when to actually install is yours up to the one year mark and then all you would lose if you want to go ahead after is the 'free' option to upgrade.

Billym, I have an Xperia mobile phone and it does not use Apple or Windows but the Android operating phone system.


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I have windows 7 home 64 bit and I find it to be a very good platform no change for me unless I get a new computer or windows quits updating it