Will Russian START nuke disaster make Iran threat worse? - analysis


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Will Russian START nuke disaster make Iran threat worse? - analysis
After a 2015 deal, Iran shipped all their enriched uranium to Moscow. Now, should the West worry about Russia?

For over 50 years, prior treaties, the START and the New START treaties held together the rickety skeleton that makes up the world’s nuclear weapons nonproliferation architecture.
Iranian nuclear weapons

Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday suspended this last piece of US-Russian nonproliferation cooperation (several other pieces had fallen by the wayside in previous years), does this make the Iranian nuclear threat worse?

From one perspective, the issues would seem to have nothing to do with each other. The Islamic Republic has been trying to get nuclear weapons almost the whole time that START and then New START were in place.

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I wouldn't be so sure about that. Russia and Iran have been getting pretty close lately. It would be an easy thing to transfer some enriched uranium or even warheads to Iran.


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Possible scenario:

USSR struggles in Ukraine and keeps upping the nuke ante, while Iran displays nukes ready for Israel.

Israel launches strike as well as covert operations. Parts if Iran glow at night.

USSR needs to save face and launches at Israel to knock out Dimona. Iron Dome destroys all missiles.

USSR and US nuke each other in escalation

EU takes reigns + whats left of North America, China moves on eastern soviet union as no one seems to care - Taiwan may be traded short term for the resource gains of Russia.

Turkey + Saudi take leadership role of islamic nations, join protestors in Iran and brokers peace with Israel.