Will Russia invade? The world tries to decode signs of a possible attack on Ukraine

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I just know if a war breaks out that's outside prophecy then it's just a war
not The War

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
Matthew 24:6

A nuclear war may do some major damage but all in all God is in control and has the church here for a purpose and being annihilated by nukes is not one of them. when people think of nuclear war they think end of the world but believers know better. The world WILL NOT END AT THE HANDS OF MEN, but AT THE HANDS OF GOD.

“Therefore wait for me,” declares the Lord, “for the day when I rise up to seize the prey. For my decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out upon them my indignation, all my burning anger; for in the fire of my jealousy all the earth shall be consumed.
Zephaniah 3:8


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Correct me if I misunderstood a report that Russia is withdrawing its troops from the Ukrainian border - ?
I forgot about this thread, and was catching up offline, and there is a HUGE thing about Russia that westerners rarely think of and I forgot to mention.

It's an ANCIENT time honoured Russian tactic and it's the strategic retreat. Sometimes Russia has done this (to Napoleon and Hitler most recently) to make the enemy follow them back into their territory where winter fights on the Russian side as supply lines grow too long and the cold decimates the poorly equipped troops. Ancient historians mention it -- Josephus and older ones than him if I remember correctly.

I took a look at General Shoygu on a previous thread and this is someone who would be more than likely to do that advance, retreat, attack ballet that Russians use.

The other reason Russians do a strategic retreat is for political reasons.

There was a brief moment in one of Russia's recent elections just before Trump was elected where Putin had to appear that he was leaving Syria.

Our Russia and Israel forum threads and comments at the time were quite puzzled. I was pretty sure they weren't leaving Syria.

They merely did it for the benefit of the Russian voters who were concerned about the costs of the Syrian situation and the losses of Russians to ISIS. that was an example of a fake political retreat.

Think of it as Russian propaganda. Or the military equivalent of a boxer faking a punch on one side, so his opponent defends that side, then actually attacking the other side. (not a sports fan so I am not sure on that)

Bottom Line?

Russia isn't going anywhere even if they move a few troops around to satisfy international interest.

When the news cycle turns to another topic, they will carry on. After all they were on pause while Trump was in power in the White House. A few delays here and there are nothing when you are rebuilding the ancient glory and prestige of "Mother Russia". And that is what Vladimir Putin is all about.

He never forgot the fall of the USSR. He hasn't forgotten about the former lands in Russia's control under the USSR. He wants to reverse the fall of the USSR.

This gets back to another ancient way of Russian thinking, and that is to build layers of disposable nations between Russia and the outside world. That was the purpose of East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and the rest including Belarus, the Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. They were cannon fodder, disposable human shields between the motherland and the evil West in Russian thinking. Russia always thought that way even under the Tsars.

Putin has been working at rebuilding the old USSR but under a more modern Tsarist type regime with himself and his gang of oligarchs at the top. Hidden behind them is a shadowy group of Russians from the former KGB who picked Putin for this task and keep him in place at the top. He didn't rise all on his lonesome. There is an agenda at play and it's building back the USSR territory. Without the weakness of the communist economic system that failed.

and controlling the word supply of oil.

To that end Russia and their mercenary armies (there are several now) are attempting to control Africa and the Middle East.

China is attempting to get control in Africa and the ME thru port contracts in Israel and helping Iran with Nukes. It's why China is so active on the Himalayas against India right now. They want their Belt and Road to be the new Silk Road to the Middle East and from there to markets in Europe.

So bottom line, when watching Russia always look at the movement of equipment, don't be misled by troops moving from one spot to another. It's like watching people, always watch what they DO, not what they say or what they try to portray. Look at the right hand of the magician who is trying to draw your attention to his left hand.

Russia will do the exact exact exact same manoeuvre when it comes to Ezekiel 38 when God says He will put a hook in the jaw and draw them back down into the land of Israel where HE will judge them.

It's a pattern of behaviour and thinking. It's been a feature of Russian military moves since before the Christian era. I think it was Herodotus but I can't remember. It was BC not AD, and the pattern of strategic retreat was well known to the ancient world.

It's all about the money which really translates to power. Oil is power because it is the backing for the US Petrodollar. Whoever controls Africa and the Middle East controls a lot of rare earth minerals (stuff that you make computers out of) and OIL.

And that controls the nations of the world.
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You will, we will, and it'll be soooo much better, we'll be on the white horses.

Think Jesus Christ, not Theoden. Think white horses with white linen dressed saints. Think the final charge with the victory won entirely by our Lord and Savior. THEN. ONE. THOUSAND. YEARS. OF. PERFECT. RULE... and that's just the beginning.
The scene in the second movie with Gandalf riding down that steep hill on his white horse with the sun rising behind him more reminds me of Christ's return, to be honest. The way the music plays it leaves no doubt of victory, I guess.

I remember reading about the Russian-style of retreat in the book "War and Peace". Yes, the book was written as fiction but it still gave some interesting insights into Russian thinking. My family was ethnic minorities in Russia so the people still seem like "others" to me yet its history is intertwined with my own. I am personally skeptical when it comes to major world wars happening. I'm not sure any world leader really wants that thanks to the "weapons of mass destruction" at our disposal. No one wants to rule a crator.


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Agree, no one wants to rule a crater. In War and Peace, an obscure character observed how a worm burrowing straight into a cabbage dies inside it. He was referring to Napoleon going into Russia. Freezing weather; long treks. Hitler's arrogance and stupidity prevented him from learning anything from Napoleon's arrogance and stupidity.
Sun Tzu observed that no country ever benefited from prolonged warfare. After twenty years in Afghanistan the United States is pretending to see that truth, but never believed Sun Tzu in the first place. Here were our empty “strategies”:
1. We will define "victory". Reality: We redefined it as we fought (under different administrations) and have now abandoned hope of victory.
2. We will have allies. Reality: We did at first. They peeled off one by one as they realized how hopeless it was.
3. We will have an entrance strategy. Reality: We formed up our allies but forgot that the British Empire and the USSR also had lost in Afghanistan. The USSR lost with the help of American Stinger missiles knocking down their helicopters, fired by the same folks we are now losing to.
4. WE WILL HAVE AN EXIT PLAN. Reality: This war has lasted long enough to have the EXIT sign rust and fall to the desert floor. That fourth "strategy" was the most important because it assured everybody that WE HAD LEARNED OUR LESSON(S) IN VIETNAM!!!!!!
We had a good Commander in Chief until November 3. We were on our way back to being a trusted leader of the free world. Now our new Witless Leader and his strategists have no plan, no vision, and have never heard of Sun Tzu, who said wars are won before they begin. Ours are now lost before they begin. We are now actively surrendering to the bad guys, hoping they will be impressed by our previous exceptionalism. They demand more concessions, while laughing.


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Would not be surprised in the least if Russia invades Ukraine and China invaded Taiwan simultaneously. No one will do anything to stop it. Especially not the US. Will all sit on their hands and protest the moves. Also will not be surprised if things don’t heat up between Israel and Iran. Things are moving along very quickly. Need to be looking up and praying for our lost loved ones.
This will segue very nicely into Ezekiel 38-39... "have you come to take a spoil?"