Will Israel's Netanyahu lead or be led by Ben-Gvir, coalition partners?


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Will Israel's Netanyahu lead or be led by Ben-Gvir, coalition partners?
NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The question is whether Netanyahu will be able to keep his coalition partners – the Religious Zionist Party, Shas and UTJ – in order.
Published: NOVEMBER 4, 2022

The fifth time’s a charm. Forty-four months and five elections after it all began, Israel’s political purgatory ended Tuesday when the nation – en masse – went to the polls and finally rendered a clear decision: it wants Benjamin Netanyahu back, and this time as the head of the most right-wing and religious coalition this country has ever seen.

Some will take issue with that statement about a “clear decision,” saying that the pro-Netanyahu bloc – the Likud, Shas, United Torah Judaism and the Religious Zionist Party – received only a few thousand more votes than the number received by the anti-Netanyahu bloc, made up of all the parties of the last government plus the Arab Balad and Hadash-Ta’al parties. A few thousand votes (13,000 as of Thursday morning), they will argue, do not make a clear mandate, are far short of a resounding victory, and are less than the clear mandate that the Netanyahu bloc is claiming.

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