Will I go to Hell for watching anime?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by christ4ever777, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. christ4ever777

    christ4ever777 Well-Known Member

    I love anime, its one of my favorite pasttimes to watch. Will God be mad at me and send me to Hell fo watching it.
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  2. Steve53

    Steve53 Well-Known Member

    Did Jesus die to atone for only some of your sins, or all of your sins?

    Answer: His death covers them all. Don't let Satan gain a foothold in your mind over this.
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  3. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    We are saved by faith in Christ, not by what we do or don't do.
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  4. christ4ever777

    christ4ever777 Well-Known Member

    Its something I struggle with at times you know. My faith in Christ is not based on works but based on what Jesus did.
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  5. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    Yep, totally get that. We live in a performance based world, it's hard to shake that with what God has done for us.

    Whenever I start to get anxious inside about that I say to myself, "Ok, what's the foundational thing here, oh, that's right, I'm saved by grace (thank you God!), through faith (not what I do) in Jesus Christ (praise God!)" :)
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  6. Bron

    Bron Standing on the Promises of God!

    I watch anime. There are some older shows that are really excellent! So cool in fact that I bought the DVDs :wooo
    Of course be careful of some anime. There is good stuff and bad stuff. Just like anything, movies, television, music, games, you should use some discernment when making your choices.
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