Wildfires in the US


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Tonight on the CBS Evening News, they talked about the wildfires raging across the US. I live in South Dakota, and we have a haze in our skies because of wildfires in Canada blowing in on the wind. Unfortunately, the news tonight said these are the worst fires in US history, and because of the terrible heat wave, there's no stopping them right now. My aunt lives in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, and they're having really above-normal temps of over 100. They're not used to that, and she told me the AC is having a hard time keeping up. She also told me that Mt. Hood usually had year-round skiing, but they don't right now because of too much melting snow. I firmly believe that it's all because of climate change. I firmly believe that Jesus is coming sooner than we think, but it's up to us as keepers of the Earth to take care of it and make it livable for us until we get to Heaven and experience the New Earth He has promised for us. What a day that will be! No more heat waves, wildfires, or any bad weather. Just a beautiful world to live in with Christ as our King!

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*Climate change* is part of God-created cycles in nature. The various cycles are different lengths, so different combinations make different conditions. The 1930s and 1950s were extremely hot, but houses and apartments were constructed differently, so they stayed a lot cooler than houses and apartments do today. Etc. There have been "years without summer" because of volcanic eruptions and changing wind and current patterns. Etc. A couple years ago for over a week, it "felt like" -55F in Twin Cities, Minnesota, but the real windchill (old scale) was -67F-something :eek It was a lot colder farther north.

Important: the new wind chill (feels like) index masks that it's really not any warmer in the north because it's calculated differently and gives a warmer result :tappingfoot

Wildfires result from lightning, arson, carelessness, and accidental/unintentional. Poor/nonexistent forest management aggravates wildfires, and more structures in forested land mean more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in wildfire-associated damage and more evacuations.

I agree we are to be good stewards and take care of what God has blessed us with. Better forest management and not dumping billions of gallons of perfectly good water into the ocean instead of reclaiming, recycling, treating, and reusing would be two good places to start (yes, I am picking on California)

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Watching the news of the wildfires destroying so much, just ripping through towns. It’s so horrible. I feel for all those people losing their homes, businesses, livestock. :pray The reporters/stories truly don’t give enough of the serious coverage it deserves.
I can’t even imagine all the wildlife killed and injured because the acreage the wildfire covers is so large.
I don’t remember years ago of this many and this large an area of wildfires.


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I don’t remember years ago of this many and this large an area of wildfires.
Are these fires getting larger and more frequent than years ago? I think so.
Not only is our west coast being subjected to huge fires, but Canada is getting fires that are huge, also. In the last few days, I read articles of major fires in Italy, and in the USSR. The smoke from the USSR fire was nearly up to the North Pole!
Wasn't it just last year that Australia experienced extremely large fires, also?
Adding insult to injury, we in the USA are experiencing drought conditions in the West. Lake Powell is the lowest on record, and Lake Mead is extremely low, also.
The Book of Revelation is coming true before our very eyes!

Please come Lord Jesus!