Widespread child abuse by Catholic Church members in Portugal is tip of iceberg - report


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Widespread child abuse by Catholic Church members in Portugal is tip of iceberg - report
77% of the perpetrators were priests and most of the victims were boys.
Published: FEBRUARY 13, 2023

At least 4,815 children were sexually abused by members of the Portuguese Catholic Church - mostly priests - over the past 70 years, a report by the commission investigating the issue said on Monday, adding the findings are the tip of the iceberg.

"(We want) to pay a sincere tribute to those who were abuse victims during their childhood and dared to give a voice to silence," said child psychiatrist Pedro Strecht, who headed the commission. "They are much more than a statistic." Strecht said the 4,815 cases were the "absolute minimum" number of victims of sexual abuse by clergy members in Portugal since 1950.

more............ https://www.jpost.com/christianworld/article-731434


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This is what happens when the RCC who teaches a false Jesus and a false works based way to Salvation allow unsaved priests who are not saved and who have been born again to be around children in a religious setting. You have a bunch of unsaved "priests" who are not under the influence of the Holy Spirit when they carry out their duties. Very sad indeed.

For those who need a reminder of how messed up and confusing the RCC plan of salvation is just look here:


Please pray that Catholics come to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and that they reject the false works based salvation plan of Cult of Rome. :pray


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Isn't it clear by now? When your "religion " has this fruit everywhere it is established, your "religion" has failed.
Rome's performance in what it deems as it's rightful place to rule the entire earth through it's pontiff has once again shown itself to be a failure. A system that passes demon inspired pedophiles from parish to parish under the direction of the bishops is due for a reckoning.
The entire Romanist system is built on lies and predatory, manipulation of an ignorant and willing population. It's stink has been in the air so long, humanity has adapted to the disfunction and subterfuge.
All you need to do is pull one rotten crumbling brick out of their wormy wall and it all falls down.
Romanism is a works religion that keeps it's slaves tied to their dole out of the magic cookie god. What a load of crap. Really! Does any Catholic with an ounce of reason or an ability to read really believe the whole sacrament program ? Get this Catholic, the grace that God freely gives anybody by belief in Christ has to be earned by participating in the sacraments in a worthy manner. Ba-lone-eee. Don't you see it! That turns it into a work! That also turns Rome into the controlling, spigot master that controls your reception of God's grace based upon a WORK that only they promote!
Just free yourself from all this manipulative manmade garbage. You don't have to keep your spiritual life stuck in the dark ages like some peasant victim. We really can know God's plan and receive his grace by faith without Rome trying to get in-between you and your God.
You have the right to go directly to your Father who loves you and wants you to be His precious child. Jesus gave his life for your right to run to your Father. Run now! Confess Jesus as Lord. Confess your sins and need of His gift. Confess that there isn't any work you can do that is a perfect gift like His. Only the blood of Jesus can pay your debt. Be free indeed. It's paid in full.

If you truly believe in Jesus as the only way through that narrow gate, you WILL be with Him in Heaven. Not because of some religion but because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.




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I've known some very good Catholics who are just as appalled as us about these instances. But yet it still keeps happening.