Why the Retail Crisis Could Be Coming to American Groceries

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When Aldi came to Australia, the big news was all about how bad it was, it wasn't. I actually meant the big two supermarkets stayed reasonably priced. We have had online shopping here for ages, everything is still working the way it was. Hopefully it will be a similar story in the US. We have heard rumours about Lidl coming here, sure hope they do.

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I hate this new trend. People are becoming so insulated from each other. They are gazing off into space as they talk on the phone, or not looking at what is around them as they text away on their devices, and now they grocery shop on line. I hate it.
I heard a comedian once that talked about the decline of society. His premise was that it all started with the garage door opener. He wasn't wrong.

I've been online grocery shopping for 15 years!! It's worth the $9.99 delivery fee just to have someone carry it all in for me.


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Oh my gosh. Did not realize who was responding to, Kenny. We have even more in common... both retired currently, former occupation involved computers AND because of my Dad, U r talking my language lingo with post commissary, PX.

How r U/Y'all doing?
Sorry, I took so long to respond. At 71 a lot of things slow down but the world seems to spin out of control. Many friends and family have died in last few years, my wife is healing from sickness and part time job driving a limo wants me to drive full time every day. Nope, not doin' it. My thoughts currently are the sale of my dad's house that is in estate. Very rough house sales in New Castle Pa.
thank you for asking. I recall posting 2 Thess 3:5
And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.


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And now I'm gearing myself up to try this order online, then drive up and they load your groceries into the car trunk. I'm part of the retail crisis. The tipping point is the flu and cold season with George coming up fast on needed surgery. I don't have to handle shopping carts or deal with standing in lines at the check out (even self serve has lines) or risk being near someone with a germ.

I can see how it's taking over. The advantages are tremendous. I can order in the peace and quiet of home, I can inspect the stuff as they load it in, I can refuse any substitutions if they aren't adequate and I pay on the spot. All I have to do is load up our little wagon that we keep by our parking stall in the underground parking, and hit the elevator and roll it home into our apartment and put it away.

If I had arthritis, or my own auto immune stuff gets worse, or if George has trouble after this surgery this is the way to go for us. Multiply us by the millions and I can sure see why retail is going this way.

If I was feeling insecure about the criminal element, which thankfully I'm not, this is another incentive.


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I have such severe arthritis in my knees now that when I go to the grocery store I have to use the scooters. I admit that on occasion I've had to get our groceries delivered to us because my knees just hurt so bad I couldn't get down the steps at my house to get in the car to go to the store. I gave up going to Costco about a year ago because it was just too difficult to shop and then bring all the items - a lot of them heavy - upstairs when I got home.


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If anything happens to my husband, this will be a plausible solution to my disabilities and difficulties where shopping is concerned. For now, my husband and I go to the grocery store together. He throws a few things in the buggy (I never notice what he's bought until we get home and are putting things away), and I do the menu planning and ensuring the cabinets and pantries are stocked with things we always have on hand. Together, we get it done, and have been since my spine injury happened. He puts the bags in the car, carries them all up the steps and into the house and we both put things up (sometimes I am too worn out from shopping and he even puts most of the items up, too....my husband is so great to me....Lord, please bless him!!!).
My husband and I are best friends now. We've been married several decades (I scarcely remember my life before him at this point). Sometime a few years ago, he announced that he likes to be with me, regardless of where I am going, and even shopping, if that's where I want to go. There are few occasions where he gets uptight about having to shop with me, and since I can't shop for hours on end due to my disability, there aren't a lot of times where I browse in stores, but occasionally, I still do.

I'd be happy to use this delivery service, but I honestly think it would be my husband who wouldn't want to do it, lol.
While the thinking is time is money and money is time....so the ten bucks spent translates into the two hours it would take to do the shopping and loading ourselves, we enjoy this particular time together and don't consider it a burden.....we consider it time spent together.


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I was in Atlanta the past few days for business. I literally thought of this thread as we moved from one place to another, each time with gruelling traffic heading the way and keeping us from getting anywhere in a reasonable time. I looked up and saw a publix sign, announcing this service, and I thought to myself if I lived there, I would absolutely desire it. Then I thought about perspective....from their perspective, this would be very enticing whereas, in my hometown, I go to the store without much trouble, get what I want and run back home....so it may not seem such a big deal to me to have this, but if I were in Atlanta, I would be falling all over myself to pay that fee and not have to deal with all that traffic.
Was interesting that I literally thought of this while there.


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Atlanta is one of the worst traffic situations we have ever been in. Never take the beltway! I used to live in the DC area and thought that was bad. They are both giant parking lots!

We had to use Walmart online shopping because we were housebound from Macs surgery. They did a very good job of it and since I hate that store we might use it more often. Never say never.......

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I hate this new trend. People are becoming so insulated from each other. They are gazing off into space as they talk on the phone, or not looking at what is around them as they text away on their devices, and now they grocery shop on line. I hate it.
We have those personal shoppers in my town too. The grocery store made special parking spots in the front of the parking lot for them too.
I was appalled when I saw a personal shopper lick her fingers to get a vegetable bag open.
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