Why Pelosi's trip to Taiwan matters - analysis


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Why Pelosi's trip to Taiwan matters - analysis
It doesn’t necessarily matter what the House Speaker did or said, but just that she went – despite China's threats.
Published: AUGUST 3, 2022

After weeks of uncertainty as to whether or not the trip would happen, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, landing late Tuesday night. China had appeared to warn of major consequences if the trip occurred, with talk of Beijing not sitting “idly by” and of “serious consequences.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that Beijing was "fully prepared for any eventuality,” adding that “The People’s Liberation Army [PLA] will never sit by idly. China will take strong and resolute measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Meanwhile, the usual suspects on the far Left and far Right in the West were mobilized to sabotage the trip, among them some think tanks and “realist” commentators. Articles appeared warning of a new “crisis” and “escalation.”

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Apparently Taiwan asked Pelosi not to go but she went, any military action resulting in any deaths Pelosi should be held accountable imo.
If Biden slow-walks military aid to Taiwan as promised, and China attacks, I would hold Joe and his Barnum and Bailey Joint Chiefs accountable. America’s interests have been eroded quite enough through cowardice. We can’t escape reality by whistling past the graveyard indefinitely.


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The reason that Taiwan exists is because when China was going communist that is where Chaing Ky Check went to get away from the chinese communists. At that time the island was not even claimed by China. Now China is in a take over the world mood so it uses everything to get there. Doesn't matter as long as it stirs things up.