Why not 2022?


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This is a facepalm thing to me. Okay, so there are tons of date setters, many down to the exact day, but the current "high watch" dates are for sometime before 2021. And I follow the reasoning on this (80 years from Isreal's rebirth minus 7 for the Trib), but the part that's a head-scratcher to me is why people are setting that upper limit as 2021 rather that 2022? Note that I'm not saying these dates are correct or incorrect nor am I asking others for whether they have a favorite date (please don't make this post about date-setting). I'm just pointing out that EVERY TIME a major date comes, then goes, those who pushed the date go "oh, wait, we just entered the year, so we actually have this whole year to go before we've reached that upper limit..." You see where I'm going with this? Why does no one learn from past trends and give that extra year in the beginning? It just makes me roll my eyes. Am I the only one to notice this??


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Maybe so they can sell more online books & videos? These date setters on YouTube attract enough people that they are making money off the videos. They can't afford to be correct. lol
Yep., they set dates and the crowd takes another shot in the arm to get their high. Date-setting is like an opiate for some people. It’s sad to watch. But these days, it seems like it is so close it might happen before any date you could set. :yay


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Some years ago I heard a minister proclaim 2007 as the year for the rapture, I forget the actual day, but I recall that on that day, I happened to be sitting in the stands watching my sons baseball practice. I remember thinking how odd it was to be sitting there thinking that I could disappear at any moment and, according to this preacher, it was going to happen that very day. I thought that if I actually believed that this guy knew what he was talking about, I should be out witnessing right then because we've only got a couple hours left, maybe minutes and ...ahhhhhh. Anyway, I went home and thought, well, if it happens, it happens and if not, oh well. That was 12 years ago.

I will state, though, based on nothing but my own thought process, I think we're within a decade of the rapture. I do not think we'll see 2030. And I don't really care to. So, how to live the last decade of life? Same as always, Make the best use of each day, witness as the opportunities arise, stay healthy, live in a manner that would please God.


Come Lord Jesus!!!!!!
As the world continues its plans for this, that and the other, we continue to look up for the blessed hope...(I especially find people focusing on December 25 already difficult.... Its three months away!!!!!)

The world doesn't understand that as each day ticks by is one day nearer.... And each day is the day of salvation for people currently chasing around in the world system....


Come Lord Jesus!!!!!!
Jesus told the jews he would only return when they earnestly seeked him out and petitioned for him to save them, lol i wish he could have also said to the church when you all pray for my return i will come back for you as well . Please lord please don't tarry any longer
Well the Lord knows we are all crying out for his return.... The sooner the better!!!