Why is the Biden Admin Not Revealing the Chemicals in the East Palestine Disaster?


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Why is the Biden Admin Not Revealing the Chemicals in the East Palestine Disaster?
Covering up the truth.
By Daniel Greenfield

A basic question.

The Biden administration has been stonewalling its East Palestine chemical disaster from the beginning. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg took ten days to even comment on it in the most cursory fashion. East Palestine’s mayor stated that no one had reached out to him from the Biden White House until a day before a public event. And residents are still not being told the truth or given basic factual information.

During his Thursday visit to the site of a fiery train derailment that may have poisoned a small eastern Ohio town with a range of highly toxic chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency chief, Michael Regan, told residents: “All families need to know that they are safe.”

Federal agencies may not release the full list of chemicals for months.

These two things don’t go together.

Why hide the list of chemicals that were released? How are people supposed to know what they’re dealing with, without that?

If this had been happening under a GOP administration, the media would be asking those questions.

Instead, this is what it’s doing.

‘Chernobyl 2.0’? Ohio Train Derailment Spurs Wild Speculation. – New York Times

This is what Chinese or Russian state made looks like. And the New York Times, like the rest of the media, is state media under any Democrat administration and terrorist media under any administration that isn’t.

Under Democrat administrations that means covering up the worst possible abuses for political reasons.

If there were a Republican administration, the media would be demanding the full release of that list.

Since it’s the Biden administration, the media is covering it up instead.