Why doesn't the USA help Israel in the Gog/Magog War?

I was going to let this go unanswered, but it seems that more than one person is misunderstanding of what I was saying, possibly because I didn't go into detail. We are at the end of the Church Age (expecting the Rapture any day now) and the Bible actually discusses, in one prophesy or another, pretty much every major kingdom in the history of the world. It isn't that ours nation is special, it is that it is conspicuously missing, when the others are there. Therefore I expect that we will no longer be a world power after the Rapture, and in fact, probably will fall, before the Rapture. This is especially probable, since a major portion of our government and a major portion of our people have been shaking their fist in God's face for several years.
I'll agree with you on the fact that the US most likely isn't going to be a world power after the Rapture, as well as the fact that the US stands a good job of going down before the Rapture takes place. The most likely scenario I can see is that immediately following the Rapture, key things such as government, EMS, power supply and generation, medical and other such services that make life possible will be hampered drastically by people missing in the Rapture. And during the riots, looting and panic following that, it wouldn't take much more to make this country crumble the rest of the way.

But keep in mind that things such as the Yellowstone caldera going off wouldn't just affect the US: Canada and much of the world would be affected as well by such a disaster. Simply put: we don't know what the Lord has exactly planned for the US, aside from the fact that this nation is not mentioned specifically in Scripture. What we do know is that there will be several disasters, with one making the sky "roll up like a scroll and depart" in Revelation. That could be a massive volcano, or it could be something else altogether.

We'll have to see what happens on that issue.

And absolutely yes: a lot of people (gov't included) have been shaking their fists at the Lord. Not a smart thing to do, and usually invites disaster with an express-delivery invitation.


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Why doesn't the USA help Israel in the Gog/Magog War?

A thorough study of this chapter clearly reveals that this battle will be God's battle, He won't have any need for assistance. I have read many comments in this thread, many wondering about the condition of the United States when this battle occurs. Keep in mind that the U.S possess two unique attributes.

The first attribute: No other nation has done more to spread the Gospel than the U.S.

The second attribute: The U.S has been primarily a Jewish friendly nation. I'm not talking about who is in the White House, I'm refering to the Christian population in the U.S. Many pray for Israel and many give assistance to Israel's people. Money and other means of support.

These are two attributes that haven't gone unseen by God. We can't forget the great promise of Genesis 12:3: I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." It's clear, "at least too me," that God and Christ are preserving the U.S in part because of these two attributes.

It's obvious how blessed the United States has been to date. Since the timeline for the Gog/Magog isn't revealed in scripture, it would be impossible to assume the condition of the United States or the rest of the world when this battle takes place.