Why did the Palestinian premier visit Jenin refugee camp?


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Why did the Palestinian premier visit Jenin refugee camp?
Palestinian PM Mohammad Shtayyeh’s visit aimed to send a message to the residents that the PA stands with them despite its refusal to send its security forces to clash with the IDF.
Published: OCTOBER 17, 2022

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh’s surprise visit to Jenin Refugee Camp on Sunday aimed to send messages to both the Palestinian public and Israel. The official reason for the visit was to offer condolences to the families of a number of Palestinians killed by the IDF during recent armed clashes in the camp. But the visit is seen by some Palestinians as an attempt by the PA to show that it has not turned its back on the residents of the camp, especially the families of the slain gunmen. The camp residents have often criticized the PA and its security forces for failing to confront IDF troops when they enter the area to arrest suspected terrorists.

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