Why did Bennett's cyber security policy crash? - analysis


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Why did Bennett's cyber security policy crash? - analysis
For the last seven weeks there has been no cyber chief, and for eight months, and likely several months into the future, there will be no cyber law.
Published: FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett may have taken office more familiar with technology than any prime minister in history, and made a major speech on cyber policy soon thereafter to show how seriously he took the subject. But then why have his public moves and non-moves to date projected a sense of neglect? On January 5, with no public warning, Yigal Unna stepped down as cyber chief after more than four years in office but with no replacement named. The announcement was one of the more bizarre to emerge during Bennett’s term. His office did not even comment on the development until repeatedly questioned during the day. It became clear even then that not only was there no replacement for Unna, but the process to select a replacement had not advanced far.

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