Why Are Horror Movies So Popular?


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LOVED horror movies when I was younger and a non-Christian. But I think it was easy to like them because a) I enjoyed the thrill of being scared, and b) I didn’t actually believe demons existed.

Same, but never the blood and gore types, only the psychological and ones involving creepy old/weirdly designed houses. I still find abandoned houses fascinating, if I can look at them safely at a distance. And I compare them to other movie/book genres in this way: Good always wins over evil, whether it be in horror, murder mystery or romance plot.


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Current events do scare me in the way that is bad for me. I have to take a break from the news regularly because it destroys my peace. I guess it’s hard to take any movie horror seriously with much worse horror available 24/7 on the news.

Exactly. Reality now exceeds fiction in its horrors. :sad

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I also think that allowing those images into our minds is destructive, and cannot be supported by Scripture.

I remember my mother forbidding me to ever watch “Twilight Zone” again after an episode of a “doll that wouldn’t die.” I think it had Telly Sevalas in it, and was pretty mild compared to anything we have now! But it infected me with fear.

Then, as a know-it-all college student, I made the huge mistake of watching “The Exorcist” when they played it for free in my dorm, for all the students. Again, I was infected with fear, and learned my lesson. Never again!! We are to stay away from evil!
I know the episode of which you speak, the doll had an adjective before it's name, I'm [adjective] name. I have seen it too many times.

I remember one about a painting with the house in the forefront and a figure in a distant cemetery. Each time you see the painting the figure of a man gets nearer and nearer the house.


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The worst thing that I noticed about many horror movies was that the viewers saw the killing through the eyes of the evil villain. Often the victims were guilty of some kind of offensive behavior that made the violence to be gratifying for the killer ( the viewers feel the vengeful emotion to some degree) and I told people that this was a very bad thing. How many acted upon the idea that was planted by those movies?


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Horror movies are horrible! They are also sinful disturbed doctrines of death/demons, etc. I'm not sure why humans gravitate to this but the Bible does say that sin hath it's pleasure for a while and many refuse to seek whatsoever is lovely, pure, etc. Perhaps some of it is the fascination as young kids with being scared or scaring others with stories and adrenaline rushes, etc.? But these horrible movies are not going to be allowed in the MK and eternity so it's a slam dunk that they should not be watched/made/supported.


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When I was born again, God took away my desire to see horror movies, along with any desire to see movies with graphic sex. I just cannot stand movies that make anything demonic and evil look cool. Not casting aspersions on any believer who may still like watching them though. God works in each of us differently.


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I’m not sure but my husband pointed one out called “Velocipastor” We didn’t watch it but the description says it’s about a pastor who gains the ability to turn into a dinosaur and eventually uses it to fight crime. I just thought it sounded funny.

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Late to this conversation but I grew up reading
Stephen King, Dean Koontz and other popular horror writers. I remember being scared witless after reading The Amityville Horror but that didn't stop me from me getting my fix. The first time I saw The Exorcist I couldn't fall asleep that night without my parents big wooden crucifix and the nightlight on.

I'll admit I will read a good haunted house novel occasionally because I'm a lover of novels who gets easily distracted and bored with certain genres. A lot of it is escapism from all the insanity in our world. And Kindle and Amazon Prime make it too darn easy to get free books that pique your interest! They always have recommendations and I'll always peruse a few reviews before I click that download button.

One thing I've always noticed is that if there's a religious element involved it always involves a priest or the catholic church in general. Authors and movie writers seem to be oblivious to bible believing pastors and born again believers. If the do portray them they're usually close minded bigots or zealots.