Why Are Churches Celebrating Sin?


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Why Are Churches Celebrating Sin?
Affirming sin is not the same as forgiving it.
By Scott Hogenson

There’s a lot to celebrate in Christian worship services. Singing hymns, prayers, and the learning of God’s Word are all part of corporate worship, and I happily participate in that. I also participate in confession.

The Protestant tradition involves both a public and silent confession of sins. It’s an acknowledgement that we are sinful by nature, and have sinned by thought, word and deed. Through this confession and our earnest repentance, we seek and receive forgiveness through God’s grace.

I sin every single day. I don’t like that I sin but as a member of the human race, it is an inescapable truth with which we’re stuck. As the apostle Paul wrote to Christians in Rome, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” That includes me.

Rational people can agree that sin is bad, and I do not embrace my sin; I confess it and seek forgiveness. Jesus Christ said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him,” so I reject any celebration of my sin.

But not all sins are treated equally. Increasingly, Protestant churches are celebrating sin through the installation of ministers whose behavior promotes LGBTQ ideology.

Consider this February 15th report whose headline heralds the “First openly transgender pastor called to guide Lutheran church in North Dakota.”

The pastor’s installation was unanimously approved by the congregation of the church, which has reportedly hosted town hall meetings to discuss, among other things, whether people should be forced to deny reality by calling women men, and vice versa; and whether children should be protected from genital mutilation. One can only speculate as to how those discussions will be steered.

The article goes on to quote the new pastor saying “Historically the church hasn’t been kind to transgender people. A lot of churches still aren’t kind to transgender people.” I do not know how the pastor defines what is kind or unkind but I do know that historically, the church has believed in the word of God as written in the Bible. A lot of churches still believe what is written in the Bible.

The behavior that defines LGBTQ ideology is sinful. That’s not my assessment, that’s what Christ said. He laid it out in the Gospel of Mark when He said, “Out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.”

Affirming and celebrating the behavior of LGBTQ adherents raises a question for Christians: If we’re going to celebrate this sin, what other sins are we prepared to celebrate? That’s a scary proposition and it’s already happening.

The sin of murder is celebrated through the increase of euthanasia. The sin of theft is celebrated through prosecutors who have decriminalized it through their failure to prosecute. The sins of coveting, envy and deceit are celebrated through Critical Race Theory. The sin of slander is celebrated hourly on cable news channels.

Components of Critical Race Theory are even creeping into conservative parishes today. Whether this portends churches celebrating the sins of CRT’s advocacy for race hatred or its alignment with Marxist ideology remains to be seen.

We all sin, and through confession, repentance and grace, God forgives us. We are also called to forgive those who sin against us. Whether these are sins of sexual immorality, envy, theft or anything else, our duty is to forgive others as God forgives us.

But forgiving sin is not the same as affirming it.

The Bible instructs us to love one another but it also tells us to abhor that which is evil. None of my sins should be celebrated; they should be abhorred. If any pastor in the pulpit affirmed or celebrated my sins, I would walk out in the middle of that sermon and find a better church. But more churches are celebrating more sins, and it’s a colossal moral and civic hazard.

If the North Dakota pastor has been harassed, threatened, assaulted or otherwise treated unkindly, that is flat out wrong. Likewise, the pastor is entitled to the full enjoyment of and participation in American civic life, and I would demand that any effort to prevent the free exercise of these rights be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But it is not unkind to believe what the Bible says. It is not unkind to call a sin a sin. It is not unkind to notice reality and natural law. These are normal behaviors. Just as I reject any affirmation of my sin, I reject any attempt to deny that which is normal and in accordance with Scripture.

In many cultures across time and space, the church has provided the moral bedrock of society. When churches celebrate sin, that bedrock crumbles and over time, so do the societies built upon it.

I am pastored by a shepherd that teaches and preaches the word. He is a Pastor and a Preacher and usually you get one of those and not the combo. (Those of you that’s been in church a longtime will understand what I mean). If he retires and someone is hired that comprises the word I will leave so fast I’ll make a new door going out. Not going to sit under such.


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Sitting on a stool telling you a story as they sip their Starbucks .
I am with you and @soundingthealarm

I am old fashioned and doubt I will change. I love to see a Pastor dressed up in the pulpit. Standing up, reading from his Bible. In a well lit Church.

I am ok with some casualness. I know clothes and *atmosphere* doesn't affect the message/Word of God.

To me, Church is serious business. I don't like seeing skinny pants or torn up blue jeans on stage.
And I hate being so critical.
Our new Pastor is young and these things are acceptable in our Church now.
Brother Andy Woods says the focus should be on Jesus and not on the atmosphere. But I can't seem to get past it.


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There is an expression if you don't stand up for what is right you will fall for anything. If these people that are celebrating sin was really sold out for Jesus, they would not be doing this. They have departed from the faith giving heed to seducing :devilish spirits and doctrines of devils :diablo.


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To many getting loose with the Scriptures.
To many behind the pulpit that God did not
call to be there.

Most "churches" are not Scripturally grounded.
Many so called churches are becoming feminized with so called female "pastors" which none Biblically exist.

Many so called "churches" are just social gatherings with "light" rock N roll guised as
contemporary worship music with fancy lights.

Alot of hip and trendy preachers with tattoos
and stylish clothes with fancy jewelry.
Sitting on a stool telling you a story as they sip their Starbucks .
Enlightening the masses with their "deep" knowledge of the Bible and delivery system.

Spending more time in the gym than in prayer or the Scriptures.
Gotta look good bro......

Home churches are on the rise and for good reason (s).

Sad state of affairs these gloomy days...

Thank God the Son shines everyday !
Sounds like any ARC church today. Sadly I attended one for a while, but realized I was only getting “milk” and not the “meat” that a mature believer requires.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
I am with you and @soundingthealarm

I am old fashioned and doubt I will change. I love to see a Pastor dressed up in the pulpit. Standing up, reading from his Bible. In a well lit Church.

I am ok with some casualness. I know clothes and *atmosphere* doesn't affect the message/Word of God.

To me, Church is serious business. I don't like seeing skinny pants or torn up blue jeans on stage.
And I hate being so critical.
Our new Pastor is young and these things are acceptable in our Church now.
Brother Andy Woods says the focus should be on Jesus and not on the atmosphere. But I can't seem to get past it.

It's respect and reverence for God.

The Pastor leads and part of that is setting the example. He's not supposed to follow the congregation. It's the same pattern that the church is supposed to influence society, not society influence the church.

If the Pastor is is compromising even his appearance, dress, language, etc. in the name of being relevant, I wonder what else he compromises on, or will compromise on in the future :furious :rant :mad :wild :frust :cry

I much prefer a formal, traditional, reverent, God-centered worship service in a peaceful, quiet Sanctuary with the Pastor(s), altar, pulpit, and lectern adorned in the appropriate vestments, and the choir robed in the balcony or behind the congregation, so not the focal point of the service, and not even readily visible. Stained glass windows, candles, incense, etc. set a specific type of atmosphere and remind people (and help teach newcomers) that the church is special and not like the secular world. The various visual, auditory, and olfactory also reflect and can help instruct in the faith. It's easier for me to listen to and concentrate on what the Pastor and God are saying, and participate in prayers, liturgy, hymns, etc. when it "feels" and "looks" like church and is special, set apart, a sanctuary from the world.

However, if a church doesn't have the money for the outward trappings, so long as the worship, liturgy, hymns, and Holy Communion are reverent and God-centered, the Bible is read, and the sermon and ministry(ies) are IAW the Bible and serve congregation and community needs in a God-honoring way, I'm fine with it.



I'm not fine with entertainment/concert, modern "music," inane, repetitive, man-centered songs, dumbing down of beautiful hymns and harmonies, dispensing with hymnals that have both the music and words and replacing with words (no music), comics, etc. on a screen that usually dwarfs and eclipses the cross, people dancing and/or jumping around in the aisles, pretending to speak in tongues, talking to each other during the service instead of listening and worshipping, treating the Sanctuary like a pick-up joint, social club, fellowship hall, etc. I'm not fine with Pastors watering down The Gospel, sin, Hell, etc., and preaching and teaching feel-good, nobody-gets-offended-or-embarrassed messages, etc., or so children don't hear anything inappropriate for their maturity. After church, some people prefer to linger in the Sanctuary for a little individual prayer and thanksgiving for the church, Pastor, teaching, preaching, individual needs, etc., and it's impossible to do so with people standing around in the Sanctuary talking loudly, laughing, gossipping, and their kids chasing around yelling like it was a playground or daycare.

Worship is supposed to be God-centered, not child-centered, but that's what it is when small children are disrupting the service, and especially so when parents don't remove their children when they are being disruptive and the Ushers, Elders, and Deacons don't do something. There's a problem when knowing small children don't understand and aren't/can't participating in the worship service, that in an effort to get the kids interested or distracted, someone, often not even the Pastor, and often even a woman, gets up in front of the congregation and delivers a "children's message," often complete with puppets, candy, and watered down or bad theology, This all sets the tone for a watering down and even ignoring of God's Commandment to put Him first, and proper, God-ordained headship, and the church not being any different from society.

The presence of children in the adult service also hinders what the Pastor can say due to some things being inappropriate for children to hear, but they may be exactly what adults need to hear, so the flock isn't getting shepherded or fed properly. Children hearing about immorality they may see their parents engaged in before they are mature enough to understand, in real-world term, that everyone is a sinner in need of Jesus, may undermine parental authority in the home, as well.

I think children should be in Children's Church service led by a real Pastor, where they can learn about SIN, Hell, Heaven, Jesus, the Bible, etc., the service, how to be respectful and reverent, the difference between church and the world, ask questions, hear the Bible and a Bible-based sermon that makes sense to children's experience and needs, etc. and a good Sunday School so they learn and come to saving faith, can be salt and light even as children, and continue in the church when they get older, including watching for good theology and doctrine and proper leadership. Children playing with toys, coloring, throwing stuff, kicking the pews, talking, crying, running around, etc. during the adult service are not learning anything and are distracting both parent(s) and others in the congregation. In the process, they're learning that church is neither special, nor different, from daycare, school, playground, the world, etc., and not learning respect for and fear of God. By not removing, correcting, and disciplining when needed, parents are abrogating their leadership in the home and teaching that disrespect for them is OK, and demonstrating God's Commandment to honor parents has no meaning, and by extension, none of the other Commandments have any meaning or relevance. The church Sanctuary is not a daycare or playground, and small children cannot be expected to sit still and quietly for an hour and a half (or longer). The word Sanctuary means peace and refuge, and it's neither when one can't get away from the disrespect, lack of reverence, and noise of the world because the proper order and behavior are not present, all in the name of not offending and "it's all about the children." It's not. It's all about God and teaching His ways, not man's.

:rant :soapbox

Here endeth the rant-of-the-day.

I'm sure there are many here that disagree with me on this, but this is how I think and feel about it.

[ducks rocks]


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1 : to express sorrow audibly : lament
Churches from the 1800's used to have a bench off to the side of where the preacher preached. Back then preaching used to cover sin in a much more definitive manner, or people were closer to sin than today. Any way the preachers message used to penitrate the congregations hearts much more deeply than preaching does today. So the people that sat at the bench would wail and sob about their sin and the preacher would come to them and comfort them that they could be forgiven.

I’d argue that I need a wailing bench at my polling station for when I have to go vote.


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I’d argue that I need a wailing bench at my polling station for when I have to go vote.
I need one in my den because my sins are grievous and many.

@Ghoti Ichthus I liked your rant. I will always say kids belong in the sanctuary and parents are responsible for teaching them reverence.( My grandkids go to childrens Church usually but have been in 'Big Church' also.)♡ That said, I see your point of view 100%. ♡

I am glad there are so many more chiild centered, Church sponsored activities for kids than in my day.