Who's listening to Christmas music?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by Cindy S., Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm crazy but it's soothing to listen to while the world implodes.

    Amy Grant "O come all ye faithful'
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  2. Kem

    Kem Citizen

    Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel is one of my favorites but not listening to any Christmas music yet. Would like to listen to Handel's Messiah any time of year though.
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  3. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    I like ALL the Christmas songs. We sing them from time to time throughout the year. But starting in November we change ALL our music in the home to Christmas music. We particularly like Mark Lowrey's song, "Mary Did You Know?"
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  4. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    Ring Christmas Bells - Andre Kostelanez - They are chimes and it is very nice. I don't even remember this one in my collection
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  5. ShilohRose

    ShilohRose Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite Christmas albums is "Dream a Dream" by Charlotte Church; she made it before she went off the deep end. When she hits those high notes and sings a descant above the main choir on "Joy to the World" and "O Come All Ye Faithful", I get goose bumps. I love to sing with her. lol Like Adrian, I listen to Christmas music all year round, but I begin to seriously listen to it around August or September. I've been practicing "Mary, Did You Know?" on the piano for awhile. The time is a little tricky for me. I love Christmas music -- except for the rap and reggae. Those don't appeal to me.
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  6. Almost Heaven

    Almost Heaven Well-Known Member

    That one is my favorite
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  7. Kerbluey

    Kerbluey Well-Known Member

    I love almost all Christmas music. I usually have a Christmas in July phase then start again after Halloween. I love this time of year! October, November, and December are my favorite months!!
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  8. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    Sing it in your head and play it as though you were singing it. Focus more on the melody. The chords will follow. Works for me.
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  9. DMac

    DMac Well-Known Member

    I wait until after Thanksgiving.
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  10. TheRedeemed

    TheRedeemed Well-Known Member

    Here in the UK we have Halloween, followed by Guy Fawkes night on 5th November (bonfires and fireworks), after that everything turns to Christmas, so I guess I will have some music on this coming week.
  11. SerenityRiver

    SerenityRiver Well-Known Member

    i am k love has a Christmas radio i kinda want to buy Christmas stuff
  12. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    Away in a Manger - Irish Tenors
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  13. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    What Child is This - Judds
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  14. Círeth

    Círeth Well-Known Member

    But it's still November! jk, It's always a good time for Christmas Carols but the secular "Christmas" stuff can stay away until December please!

    That said I am not listening to carols yet but I might now have to go make a playlist of carols on Spotify.
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  15. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    Oh I LOVE that song!
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  16. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    I put my Christmas lights up but didn't want to be the first to flip the switch.
    My neighbor turned hers on this week so did I.
  17. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    We always put up our tree and put all the decorations out on Thanksgiving (which is this Thursday.) Andrea always gets so excited as the day approaches. I have to admit, I love it, too.
  18. TheRedeemed

    TheRedeemed Well-Known Member

    It’s a bit early in the UK for the lights and decorations, usually from around the 1st December onwards the trees and lights appear in homes.

    It’s becoming more transatlantic now too, until say the last decade we brits only done the inside of our homes, nowadays it’s the gardens and outbuildings that get decorated too. Some of them very inventive and attractive too.

    I was in Glasgow city centre on Saturday evening and the festivities were well under way, lovely lights, features, street performers and music. Certainly cheers you up and makes you feel all festive and happy.

    The tourists and natives alike were out in droves taking photos and videos of all the displays and sights.

    I had a nice time out myself too. I was attending a rock concert supporting my friend and colleague who was in one of the bands, they even sang we wish you a merry Christmas in hard rock style!!
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  19. RonJohnSilver

    RonJohnSilver Well-Known Member

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra, loud.
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  20. Kaatje

    Kaatje Well-Known Member

    Handels’ Messiah, all year round.
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