Who Say's Congress Doesn't Have a Prayer?


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No comments on the video? That wasn't one of the best motivational speeches you ever heard? What are your thoughts?


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I for one, am not a fan of Cahn. I reviewed a partial transcript of his remarks and found his declarations concerning God's purpose in creating America to be problematic on many levels.


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Thanks for posting 63Pro, I read the article and it is a good reminder to pray for our congress.

The Harbinger book itself had some hermeneutic issues, but the US needs the warnings.


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I don't care what people say about Johnathan Cahn. I think that his comments were timely and to the point. Now if all those that stood and applauded Cahn's speech will roll up their sleeves and follow his instructions er God's Instructions we can look forward to some changes!


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I completely agree! I guess the whole point of my brining this video to the forefront was the encouragement of knowing we do have those in our government that are godly people and God is working through them. Also I thought his speech was excellent! It was a speech that was right on target concerning the slippery slope this country is on to mimic the very things Israel did to bring Gods judgment!
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