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There is no other person in all of history like that of Jesus Christ.
As a teacher and a doer of things nobody ever had the sweep and vision of Jesus.

Look at the actions of Jesus and you will see a rule of life that is amazing in its perfect detail.
The things Jesus taught during his earthly journey over 2000 years ago were true then, have been true in every century since and will be true forever.

No one has never even come close to the perfection of the doctrine laid down by Jesus in His Sermon on The Mount.
Jesus never made a mistake. Jesus never uttered a doctrine that was true at that time and then later became obsolete.
Jesus spoke the truth; He lived the truth; and the truth is eternal.

Jesus is the only one ever to lead a perfect life and do everything in even a logical order.
Jesus is the only one in history who’s every action and every word still strikes a true note in the heart and mind of everyone.
He never said a foolish thing, never did a foolish act and never misled anyone.

No world leader, no evangelist no pastor ever loved humanity with the love that Jesus has toward all of us forever and always.
Who then was Jesus?

He could not have been just a man, for there never was a man who had two consecutive thoughts in absolute in truthful perfection.

Jesus is Lord and He is my Lord and Savior!
Make Him yours today.