Who is 'General Armageddon,' Russia's new Ukraine war commander? -explainer


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Who is 'General Armageddon,' Russia's new Ukraine war commander? - explainer
When examining the track record of the new commander, nicknamed “The Butcher of Syria” for his part in Russian operations in Syria, the missile onslaught on Ukraine may not come as a surprise.
Published: OCTOBER 12, 2022

Only two days after the appointment of a new commander of the Joint Group of Forces in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin, a wave of missile strikes swept across Ukraine, hitting countless civilian targets.

“I am not surprised to see what happened this morning in Kyiv. Surovikin is absolutely ruthless, with little regard for human life,” a former defense ministry official, who has worked with Surovikin, told the Guardian. “I am afraid his hands will be completely covered in Ukrainian blood.”

According to Ukrainian sources, Surovikin is trying to achieve "quick results" in order to appease Russian President Vladimir Putin, and according to Ukrainian intelligence, this is exactly his style.

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