Who do you want to meet in heaven?


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I want to meet my great-grandparents and be reunited with my grandmother.

I want to meet my four, (possibly five, I might have had a twin who died and vanished), miscarried and stillborn siblings.

I want to see the friends who have gone ahead. I won't recognise some of them without a reintroduction because I befriended some of the oldest people in my church as a small child (mostly because they either had chocolate or appreciated my cuddly toys. :heh )

But first I want to see my tuxie boys. (Technically my neighbour's cats but they impressed their pawprints firmly on my heart too).

Not sure what that says about me that the first people I want to see are feline. :heh


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I like coming back to this thread. I know we all miss our loved ones who are with the Lord. It’s really exciting to think about seeing them again…

I keep having dreams about my mom and embracing her in a big hug. Maybe my heart and brain are preparing for that happy moment. In my dreams she always fades away. I can’t wait for the moment I know she’ll still be right there.


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My late Uncle Edgar used to talk about going to heaven and that it would be "The family reunion to top all family reunions!" So much of my family on my mom's side were firm believers strong in the faith. (not sure about my dad's side.) It will be SO cool to talk with all of them! So many stories to share and we have forever to catch up!