When you see someone post a rainbow


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My facebook has a rainbow and Noahs ark and Genesis verse about Gods covenant. I am waiting for car decal to depict this. I am tired of seeing all those stupid rainbows by the alphabet people and their supporters. Leave Gods rainbow alone!


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I've had to stay away from wearing anything with a rainbow on it, for fear of being associated as a LGBTQ supporter. It's bad enough I have a SIL who had a gay brother (or cousin?) and gets her panties all in a wad if she sees any posts against them. She's accused me of hating them, even tho I told her I don't hate them as people, just their sinful lifestyle.
I also hate seeing the rainbow signs with "Love Wins" on them. They're everywhere. The only REAL love won 2,000 years ago on a bloody cross.


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Psalm37v4, I hear ya. The rainbow has been hijacked by the gays. The thing that really gets me is they are taking one of the radiant glories emanating from the throne shown in Rev 4 for their symbol of corruption - an element of God's personal glory! How perverse can they get? Nevertheless, we are in that time and there will be those who continue to wash their robes white and those who continue to pursue evildoing.