What's Your Favorite Series to Watch During Lockdown?


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Agree about Fraiser. We’re re-watching the whole series now, too.
The Chosen
Fuller House
Most Hallmark Mystery channel movie series like Aurora Teagarden and Mystery 101 (love how openly faithful the leading actresses are and think Jill Wagner is just gorgeous)

Am about to start Heartland


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Signed, Sealed and Delivered on Hallmark channel. They just did a marathon of them today. I so hope they make more of them.
They have a "Christian-light" message to them, instill values and morals, and are squeaky clean for family viewing. And, they are
sweet and funny, too. If only more of these kinds of shows were produced and aired.............

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As the world gets darker and crazier and I have been home more, I have discovered a local station that binges old sitcoms. I've watched: Alice, Three's Company, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Andy Griffith, Hazel, Petticoat Junction, The Love Boat and other shows. Love it. I rarely turn on the news anymore, unless its the weather. I read my news online or listen to the local Christian Radio Station. It's helped my anxiety a bit.
After watching old shows all day you almost forget we have a virus until you go to the store to get something for dinner.


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Kinda reminds me of all the back patting with Black Panther cause black people could “finally know they can be super hero’s” even though super heroes aren’t real and the movie was fairly political leaning. One of the worst MCU movies imho.

on a serious note, I watch a lot of shark tank and it always makes me smile a little when a black inventor comes in and plays victim cards and Darin makes them stop cause because he grew up single mother ghetto black neighborhood and he never allowed it to stop him from not getting involved with gangs or Persuing his career he has now.

Wow, obviously the cancel bullies haven’t caught onto Darin‘s treasonous ways. Good for him.

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I like Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fuller House, Heartland, The Office, and the old Christy tv show (based on the book by Catherine Marshall). I usually have it on in the background while I'm painting, otherwise the house seems too quiet. Being a middle child (I am 3rd of 5 - a Borg reference for Star Trek fans) who grew up in a very noisy household, I somehow need background noise when I'm trying to concentrate.
Oh no.............. There are other people that like start gate???? I thought me and mom was tge only ones :lol


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As I think I said before, I am kinda slowly going through the second season of the Madalorian as it develops. Also, I am finally making an attempt to play Skyrim to it's fullest (I lost interest in it many years ago after only 10 hours of playtime for some reason), but this time, I am having a better time with it. Using a superior computer to what I had back then probably plays a large part. Greater resolution and FPS makes all the difference. I just wish I had one those large monitors. Instead I am playing it on a 15 incher laptop. But it is still enjoyable.