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How come it says 30 or so members in the forum I only count 18 or so members where it shows our names. I see certain members posting but their names are never listed.


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i'm guessing that maybe they just want to browse through the comments without sorta engaging in posts or responses because they may be just tired or something from the day they had
Actually, I know who some of the people are who don't have their name showing online. I find out they are online when I watch their post on the board. They do this all the time because their online status box isn't checked to show their avatar name online.

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I was a Security Guard in my earlier years so I notice things like being alert. I am that way everywhere I go.

There was a guy I went on a dipnetting trip with who was on the ground during our invasion of Iraq. His eyes saw everything. I guess your senses get sharp when your life depends upon it. On the road from Fairbanks to Kenai he kept pointing out animals that I would have never even noticed if he hadn't pointed them out. I was driving, but even if I wasn't I wouldn't have seen most of them.