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I don't know if this is the thread to post but I need advice.

I gifted my young nephew (15 years) a brand new latest MacBook Pro along with those hideous headphones that all the young hip kids like. Anyway, after giving it to him, I thought to myself, I would get him the latest MacBook Air because it's suited for him better as a young kid and since he would only watch videos of in and not much else, maybe a little school work.

I told him I was going to replace the MacBook Pro with the MacBook Air. Not much difference and it would still be brand new. Lo and behold the entire family is up in arms and very upset. His mother and my father got involved and basically I have been told this would ruin that side of the family. I told my father that they really should have me and my nephew work this out ourselves and whatever decision him and I came to would be the right decision.

My young nephew is now very ungrateful and basically disrespectful. I don't fault him for that he's young and listening to his mother.

My young nephew (his family is not really in a good position financially) said no, he does not want the MacBook Air and just come and get what I gave him.

As you can see, my only thought is that he gets something but I may be wrong to even think about exchanging it? My motives are to get him something appropriate but now it has blown up terribly on my paternal's side. After my nephew's latest disrespectfully responses (It does not bother me) I told him ok, make a decision, do you want a brand new MacBook Air or not? He rudely responded and said, no. Take back what you gave me. I told him keep the headphones but he didn't even want it back.

My question is what would your response be?

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If you gifted him a mac book pro then it's his property and to want to take it back and exchange it for something else is overstepping propriety. Hopefully you got an okay from the parents before giving it to him.