What will Russia do after accusing Ukraine of Dugin bombing? - analysis


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What will Russia do after accusing Ukraine of Dugin bombing? - analysis
Does Moscow believe that suddenly, after months of war, Ukraine’s secret services suddenly decided that they would target this one person?
Published: AUGUST 22, 2022

Russia accused Ukraine’s “secret services” of being behind the murder of Darya Dugina, the daughter of well-known Russian intellectual Aleksandr Dugin. “The murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina has been solved, Russia’s federal security service FSB has said,” according to Russia’s state media TASS. “It was prepared by Ukrainian secret services. The perpetrator - a citizen of Ukraine identified as Natalia Vovk - escaped to Estonia, the FSB’s public relations center stated.”

Days ago, when the explosion happened, Russia was more circumspect. But now the investigation seems open and shut. "As a result of urgent detective measures, the federal security service has solved the murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina, born in 1992," the FSB stressed. The special service found that "the crime was prepared and committed by Ukrainian secret services,” TASS reported in Moscow.

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FSB is the former KGB, which Putin rose out of to lead Russia.

Whether Putin caused the car bomb to improve Russian sympathy for his war in Ukraine, or whether it really was a Ukrainian operation, we will likely never know.

But the rapid investigation and immediate conclusion stinks. If Natalia Vovk is a real person, and a Ukrainian it doesn't mean she is guilty but in Russian courts, if Putin wants you to be found guilty you are.

Especially if he needs a scapegoat.

Especially if it was an inside job.

Especially when he wants to divert attention away from the mounting losses to Russian families mourning their sons.

Especially if he wants Russia to hate the Ukraine and allow him to escalate the war.