What We Know So Far In The Gog/Magog Ezekiel 38-39 Chapter Prophecy!

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Russia is upgrading some 100 military bases and Russia is building new bases in the Arctic. Russia is searching out nations with oil and natural gas wealth within the Gog/Magog group of nations like Ethiopia and Libya as well as nations outside the prophecy like Columbia, Venuzuela and Vietnam. Russia also made moves to invest in Israel's oil and natural gas companies as well as Nigeria's energy fields. Russia would like a say in oil prices since oil must sell at least for $100 a barrel to keep the Russian economy going. Current price of oil is around $82 a barrel. We know Russia is building up its defenses while the United States is lowering its defenses.

Russia has the CSTO military alliance with Armenia. Russia is modernizing an army base in Armenia. Though Russia has a military alliance with Armenia, Russia also sells weapons to Armenia's enemy, the Azerbaijanis. Iran is making inroads into Armenia investing in a railroad which will link the two nations together.


Russia has the Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan which lately has been closed but Russia has expanded activities in Azerbaijan as a warning to Armenia not to join the European Union. Turkey has a military alliance with Azerbaijan. Iran is working on developing resources helping Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea exploration. Trust between Russia and Azerbaijan is getting stronger lately.


Russia is upgrading Belarus's air defenses. Russia has the CSTO military alliance with Belarus. Russia wants the base to be used to counter NATO'S so-called buildup in eastern Europe. Russia and Belarus would like to draw in the CIS in their confrontation with the western nations.


Russia is strengthening its military alliance with Ethiopia. Russia is investing in an Ethiopian railroad project. Turkey has
warmed up ties with Ethiopia siding with Ethiopia over Egypt in the Renaissance Dam project. Egypt has become hostile towards Turkey over Turkey's support for Ethiopia but Turkey's position is aligned with the Gog/Magog prophecy where Ethiopia and Turkey are allies.


Russia is at odds with Georgia. Russia still backs the separatists in the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Turkey now has a military alliance with Georgia. The Turks when entering the Gog/Magog military alliance will likely bring along their allies Azerbaijan and Georgia as gifts to Russia.


Russia has a strategic alliance building with Iran. Russia and Iran both being sanctioned by the western nations are developing a joint banking system and working on joint intelligence services fearing a possible attack on Iranian nuclear sites. Russia has agreed to build two more nuclear power plants at Bushehr, Iran in the near future.


Russia has a military alliance in CSTO with Kazakhistan. Russia and Kazakhistan are working to keep the Taliban terrorists from Afghanistan out of Central Asia as western powers pullout of the region. Russians make up 4 million in the population of 16 million Kazakhistanis and both nations are on good terms.


Russia has a military alliance within CSTO with Kyrgyzstan. United States forces used Kyrgyzstan as a supply base to Afghanistan but closed down the base this year so the Russians expanded their base in Kyrgyzstan.


Russia is strengthening its military alliance with Libya. The Libyans train with Russian weapons and many Libyans go to school in Russia. Turkey also trains Libyan soldiers. Turkey helps Libya monitor its borders. Russia is building Libya a railroad. Libya meeting with Russian officials in November 2014 to discuss training Libyan troops on Russian soil.

Russia had a meeting in the Sudan over one year ago establishing relations opening the doors to economic development. Iran has a military alliance with the Sudan. Turkey has a military alliance with the Sudan.

Russia has a military alliance within CSTO with Tajikistan. Russia is concerned about keeping terrorist out of Central Asia. Russia has a key airbase in Tajikistan which helps monitor activities taking place in Afghanistan.


Russia has a strategic alliance with Turkey a member in NATO. Russia will start building Turkey a nuclear power plant in 2015. Turkey already helps both Russia and Iran meeting these two sanctioned nations with Turkey's actions of avoiding the sanction order.


Russia does not have much of a relationship with Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan wants to remain a neutral nation, yet Turkmenistan is in eastern Magog territory and will likely join the Russian Gog/Magog military alliance after the Ukraine falls into Russia's orbit. Turkmenistan is rich in natural resources. Outside the CIS Turkey has placed second in trade relations with Turkmenistan. One article however states Russia and Turkmenistan have already a strategic alliance.


Russia and Uzbekistan are moving to create a buffer state to stop Islamist radicals from northern Afghanistan from entering Central Asia. Russia is worried about Central Asia's oil and natural gas supplies being disrupted by terrorists so Russia is securing alliances with eastern Magog nations.


Putin's holdout is the Ukraine. Putin needs the Ukraine for Putin's empire to become complete. All the pieces of the Gog/Magog prophecy are here. Should the rapture happen, the rapture could happen at anytime, the event of the rapture would simply speed up the events in Bible prophecy.
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Russia has been very busy....

NATO says it has tracked and intercepted four groups of Russian warplanes "conducting significant military manoeuvres" in European airspace over the past two days.

"These sizeable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace," NATO said on Wednesday (local time).

Read more: NATO detects Russian plane manoeuvres | World | 3 News


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Speaking for myself it would be next to impossible for me to keep up with these Gog/Magog developments without Lujack's reporting.
Brilliant work brother!:thumbup


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You speak for me too, bro. :nod

Thank you, Lujack, for all your hard work to bring these pieces to us. :hat:


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Preps happen in the morning, before the lunch/supper rush.

Just sayin'... :hat:

Dice them carrots up real good now, Mr. Putin. Nice work, there. Get everything just right...

:whisper: Everyone, calmly and slowly move to the door. Get ready to get on the bus when it comes... this place is set to blow!



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That's the feeling I get Pixelpusher. We're set to blow. I'm not sure the holdup isn't us. The Gog/Magog alliance is not forming; it's in place; it's now in the training stage. This show is gonna be God's all the way. The bigger and beefier the Gog/Magog army is the more glory God will get when He puts in down.

:pray:please come quickly O LORD of All!!:pray:


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Preps happen in the morning, before the lunch/supper rush.

Just sayin'... :hat:

Dice them carrots up real good now, Mr. Putin. Nice work, there. Get everything just right...

:whisper: Everyone, calmly and slowly move to the door. Get ready to get on the bus when it comes... this place is set to blow!

Yep, too bad Putin and all his Islamic armies are clueless that all this prep work is just a waste of time since God has other plans for those who foolishly try to attack Israel . . . Ezekiel 38:21-23 "And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every man's sword shall be against his brother" ". . . I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, and overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire and brimstone."