What was your favorite decade and why?


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It would be difficult for me to choose, because there were traumatic events in my life in each decade starting in the '60s, when I was 4 years old. But they weren't bad all the time. I loved parts of the '60s because I did so well in school and had lots of friends and was popular in school and church. I also loved parts of the '70s for the same reason. Although the '80s had many traumatic moments, I still rejoice in the births of my daughter and son. More trauma followed from the '90s forward, but in the 2000s-2020s I was blessed with 5 grandchildren.

Reason & Hope

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The 1980s: Off to college with Reagan at the helm so I felt like we had a future. Even better, I became a Christian and the weight of sin, failure and regret was lifted off my shoulders.

The 1990s: got married, had 3 kids, started homeschooling them. I had a group of homeschooling friends too. It seemed like we were doing family right, according to God's plan. The 2000s were pretty good too.


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The 90s for me, I was young, lived in Alaska then, before all my health issues I enjoyed swimming, playing the cello, had friends from my Christian school, people weren't glued to cell phones on social media all the time (as I'm on my phone right now lol.), tv shows were no where near as bad as today's shows are.


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I was born in the mid-40's...............a teenager in the late 50's. I know now that the 50's weren't perfect at all, but it seems like life was more
moral and the entertainment much cleaner and life was good. My favorite decade. As a young adult in the mid-60's I watched that world change. The Viet Nam war, the drugs, the free sex movement, the gays beginning their swoop on society and our laws, the radical women's lib advocates who helped destroy family life,
the increase in abortions and the movements beginning to making it legal............ I could go on and on. By the seventies everything was spiraling down and
has continued in that direction ever since. It is hard to contemplate how much change has happened since the 50's. Seventy years later, the 2020's -
I just pray Jesus comes for us soon and takes out of this mess of a world and on home to heaven to be with Him forever.......... There is nothing to look
forward to here on this orb called Earth anymore............except the Rapture.